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Cyber security measures are needed urgently in the face of a surge in incidents affecting companies and critical infrastructure

  • MatsuoFor the other factor, speed, NEC provides an Integrated Management Security Solution. This manages the status of computers in real time, and identifies the location and number of computers at risk immediately when there is some kind of threat. This solution serves as infrastructure for swift responses.
  • MitaIt seems like being able to identify problem areas quickly would make it faster to apply measures on large-scale systems as well!
  • MatsuoFor the record, we have already adopted this system at NEC, and it watches over all the approximately 180,000 computers in the NEC Group. In 2013, it was reported that certain software was at risk of causing information leaks. In that case it took less than an hour to identify the computers with the software installed, and we were able to prevent damages from occurring.
  • MitaThat's great!
  • MatsuoTo give an idea of how proactive cyber security is realized, the Integrated Management Security Solution monitors computers around the clock, while the Threat and Vulnerability Information Management Solution automatically incorporates the latest information and knowledge regarding cyber security from around the world. This makes it possible to defend against threats in advance.
  • MitaI see. I think I'm gradually getting a better understanding of how that provides protection in advance.

FigureOverview of proactive cyber security measures

Expanding into new areas

  • MatsuoYou've done an interview about SIAT before, haven't you, Ms. Mita?
  • MitaThat's right. It's technology for analyzing data from sensors installed at locations such as factories or power plants from a variety of angles, in order to detect anomalies.
  • MatsuoWe are actually currently thinking about building a system for finding anomalies in the cyber security domain by applying that SIAT technology. Identifying system status at normal times enables you to automatically detect behavior suspected of being an attack.
  • MitaI see!
  • MatsuoNEC provides technology called SDN for controlling networks via software, and we are also developing technology to prevent virus and malware infections by having the controller sever network connections immediately when utilizing this technology to detect abnormalities such as cyber attacks.
  • MitaSo I guess that combines NEC's advanced technology with cyber security.
  • MatsuoExactly. We'd like to connect control systems for critical infrastructure and objects fitted with communications technology via the Internet, in order to open up new areas of application, similar to the IoT (Internet of Things) in which recognition and control is automatic.
  • MitaIt's reassuring to see the scope for safety and security expanding! I'm looking forward to seeing future developments. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me despite your busy schedule.
  • MatsuoIt was a pleasure answering your questions. Thank you.

In this installment, we heard about the new cyber security initiatives that NEC has announced. I was surprised to learn that critical infrastructure such as power plants are just as much at risk as companies now. I guess there are more threats lurking out there than first thought. It was very interesting to hear about proactive cyber security, and how it helps defend against threats before they happen. I'll be keeping a close watch on NEC's future initiatives. See you in the next installment of "MiTA TV"!

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