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Cyber security measures are needed urgently in the face of a surge in incidents affecting companies and critical infrastructure

  • MatsuoNEC provides a range of ICT systems to companies as well as critical infrastructure everywhere from the depths of the sea to the depths of space. We believe we need to protect all of these under a cyber security umbrella. In other words, we think that cyber security issues are a problem for society as a whole.
  • MitaI have to admit, after talking with you I feel that some kind of social initiative is necessary.
  • MatsuoWe believe we should contribute to society as a whole by applying our cutting edge security technology and know-how while also fulfilling our role as an ICT vendor.

FigureCyber security affects all of society.

NEC has spent over 20 years working on cyber security initiatives

  • MitaTo be honest, the only companies I thought of as being good with cyber security were developers of anti-virus software. I find it hard to imagine how NEC and security fit together...
  • MatsuoHa ha. That may also be true for the general public, but NEC actually developed firewall technology before other competitors in the 1990s. We have been engaged in cyber security measures for over 20 years, developing anti-malware software and providing software for protecting confidential information. For your information, we have been bolstering our cyber security efforts even more since 2010.
  • MitaIn what ways have you been bolstering them?
  • MatsuoWe are endeavoring to improve our solutions from the three perspectives of technology, personnel, and information. First, with regard to technology, we are developing solutions to deal with new cyber attacks, and providing them to customers.
  • MitaHow about personnel?
  • MatsuoWe have bolstered our personnel by adding specialist firms to the NEC Group, such as Cyber Defense Institute with its advanced cyber security technology and knowledge base, and Infosec, which is a leader in security monitoring.
  • MitaI see. So there must be a wealth of people in the group versed in cyber security knowledge and technology!
  • MatsuoRegarding our efforts to improve the coordination of information, we are working on strengthening ties between industry, government, and academia. This includes initiatives such establishing a facility to carry out research and development related to cyber attacks in collaboration with the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL). Through this we are accumulating a vast amount of know-how regarding international cyber security.
  • MitaInternational know-how! That really shows how NEC is building up its track record and experience. So these measures you mentioned are the new initiatives that NEC announced?
  • MatsuoNot quite. They are part of our efforts, but we are actually also proposing new cyber security measures that have never been seen before.
  • MitaNew cyber security measures!?

New cyber security for anticipating and dealing with issues in advance

  • MatsuoBased on the initiatives I just told you about, we are looking at building a cyber security business that offers advanced security solutions and system building that takes security into consideration.
  • MitaI see. So you'll be providing security solutions along with a secure system.
  • MatsuoThat's right. An example of this is our proposal for proactive cyber security measures.
  • MitaWhat kind of measures are those?
  • MatsuoIn the past, cyber security measures were taken individually in response to cyberspace threats. However, because new cyber attacks and malware now appear on a daily basis, measures may not be able to keep up, and it could be several days before an unknown attack is detected.
  • MitaSo the damage is caused before you can come up with a countermeasure or detect an unknown attack.
  • MatsuoThat means it is important to be proactive, or in other words to have a defense in place in advance. Proactive cyber security is basically cyber security that prevents attacks from occurring.
  • MitaBut how do you defend yourself proactively?
  • MatsuoDefending against attacks in advance requires information and speed. Information involves obtaining data about cyber attacks in real time, and speed refers to reducing the time it takes to apply countermeasures as much as possible.
  • MitaHow exactly is that done?
  • MatsuoFirst, with regard to information, we are planning to offer a Threat and Vulnerability Information Management Solution. This will gather the latest information regarding cyber security from around the world, and provide knowledge (security intelligence) in addition to expert analysis. For example, we will provide malware information and information on malicious IP addresses in real time.
  • MitaHow does information enable you to defend against attacks in advance?
  • MatsuoIt is actually said that the majority of cyber attacks don't require a high level of skill. Attackers usually reuse attack methods that have been used before. It is possible to shield yourself from being affected by most of these attacks in advance as long as you have information on them.
  • MitaInteresting!
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