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The "Field Communication System" for the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force maintains communication even under harsh conditions

  • MitaSo communication quality is something that must be guaranteed? I'm getting a sense of just how much work has gone into the technologies used.
  • AHow about we finish up this press conference and go and take a look at our various testing facilities to see the inspection process these devices go through before delivery.
  • MitaThis room is huge. What are the protrusions sticking out from the wall?
  • AThis is an anechoic chamber. It's a facility for blocking radio waves from outside, and preventing radio waves from getting out. The walls, ceiling, and floor of this building are all covered with iron plates. The gaps between these are also welded shut, creating a room that doesn't allow any electrical waves in or out. There are sponge protrusions on the walls that contain carbon powder. These sponges absorb radio waves, preventing them from getting out. Their spike-like shape is designed to absorb radio waves of various wavelengths. Radio waves emitted in this room are not reflected inside it. We are using this room to test the directional characteristics of antennas.

Anechoic Chamber

  • MitaThis is for vibration testing, right?
  • AThat's right. In disaster zones, devices are used while moving through harsh environments, so they wouldn't be viable if they broke at the slightest vibration. We perform testing to check for compliance with the specifications of the Ministry of Defense standard known as NDS. This vibration testing device generates vibrations in a part known as the shaker.

Vibration Testing

  • MitaAnd is this waterproof testing? Water is being applied with remarkable force. Is that how it is supposed to be?
  • AYes. This is a test for identifying water resistance in environments where water exists. This is another test for compliance with Ministry of Defense standards. There would be no point to a device that couldn't be used in a storm. Water is actually applied to a product from the four corners for a period of an hour at the water pressure prescribed in the standards. After this, the device is disassembled to check whether any water got in.

Waterproof Testing

  • MitaWe've returned to the press conference area. Thank you for showing me how the various tests work. I got a real feel for what these devices are built to stand up to. By the way, I just realized that you have radio systems for trains and fire fighting equipment on display here, too. Is NEC's field radio technology used in these as well?
  • AYes, I'd like people to know that in addition to the Ministry of Defense, our technology is also put to use in train and fire fighter radios. For example, train radio system technology must be highly reliable, as it connects the transport control center staff with drivers. With railway business operator management becoming more sophisticated day by day, I believe our software radio technology can be applied to great effect.
  • MitaSo NEC can play a role there, too!
  • MitaWhen I came today I had no idea what to expect with regard to the topic of defense, but I've experienced a major earthquake, and I have a good idea of the importance of the Field Communication System. How do you see this system developing in the future?
  • AWith regard to defense, in the future I believe our technology will be able to handle joint operations between the Ground, Marine, and Air Self-Defense Forces, as well as Japan-U.S. interoperability.
  • MitaThank you for your time today!

As we've learned here, NEC's Field Communication System utilizes cutting-edge software radio technology to facilitate the command of the Ground Self-Defense Force, and provides an ICT platform for information transmission. It appears that it can also be applied to a range of public services, such as fire fighting and railways, and it has great potential as a social solution that can catch on around the world! See you in the next installment of "MiTA TV"!

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