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Stadium solutions supporting world-class sports and entertainment

  • MitaIncidentally, how long has NEC been doing business in Brazil?
  • TakakuwaNEC has been operating in Brazil for over 45 years, since 1968.
  • MitaWow! That's before I was even born!
  • TakakuwaHa ha... But as you know, Brazil is now an emerging nation that is developing at a tremendous pace. That has created issues in areas such as the environment and energy, so we are looking at getting involved in "smart city" projects.
  • MitaFrom what I hear, "smart cities" are environmentally-friendly cities that use ITC and environmental technology to conserve resources, right?
  • TakakuwaThat's correct. Stadiums are a key part of smart city projects.
  • MitaReally? So they are part of a bigger initiative?
  • TakakuwaNEC would like to have a hand in Brazil's bold plan to build next-generation urban infrastructure in the form of "smart cities" that take full advantage of ICT.
  • MitaI have to admit I was only thinking in terms of stadiums. I had no idea that such major developments were in the works.
  • TakakuwaNaturally, stadiums can be enjoyed for what they are. But in the past stadiums have been seen as places for certain mainly male fans to passionately support their local team, haven't they? Now, the power of ICT is changing stadiums into places offering entertainment that can be enjoyed safely and securely by the whole family.
  • MitaI can see that now!
  • TakakuwaThis shows how NEC is focusing its efforts on social solutions that provide new value to people and society, both in Brazil and other countries!
  • MitaThank you for your time today! Obrigado, Mr. Takakuwa!

Summary; newscaster's dialogue
I was surprised to learn how NEC's stadium solutions are supporting the operations of major sports events, but I was even more astonished to learn that these stadiums are the first step towards developing smart cities. It was fun coming all the way to Brazil for this interview, but now it's time to head back to Japan. See you in the next installment of "MiTA TV"!

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