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Stadium solutions supporting world-class sports and entertainment

  • MitaI see. So, can you tell us how ICT is used in big stadiums like these?
  • TakakuwaSure. ICT is used to construct systems that provide spectators with a pleasant and safe experience in stadiums, from start to finish. Everything is run from a control room at the stadium, including access control and surveillance, communication systems, the giant screens, building automation, and sound systems.
  • MitaI guess that means ICT is tied into almost everything, right?
  • TakakuwaICT plays a particularly important role in security. For example, if an unexpected incident were to happen here at the Arena Pernambuco, we could evacuate a full-capacity crowd from the stadium in eight minutes, using an integrated alarm system.
  • MitaIn just eight minutes!? That sounds like an incredible system.
  • TakakuwaThe stadiums that NEC is involved with are fitted with many security cameras, which provide 360-degree coverage of the stadium interior and exterior. NEC has also systems for identifying individuals using face recognition. With these systems, we will be able to find VIPs or artists, and identify criminals in near future.

  • MitaI see. So you can look after valued guests, or quickly detect whether anyone suspicious is in the crowd.
  • TakakuwaIn addition to providing security, ICT is also invaluable for livening up events with large-screen digital signage and audio production.
  • MitaDid you face any challenges during the course of such a big project?
  • TakakuwaYes, of course. To host the world's premier soccer event, extremely strict standards were imposed on the stadiums, and these must all be met. There are too many to list, but to give some examples, there are very stringent criteria for security camera coverage, securing Wi-Fi access in the press area, and sound system specifications. We met each challenge we were faced with.
  • MitaWith this event having a huge audience, and press coming from all over the world, I can see how those things would be important.
  • TakakuwaWe also had to integrate all these systems under an extremely tight schedule. We had to organize various vendors and coordinate staff, and construction of the stadiums themselves was beset by delays. There were a range of difficulties such as work schedules slipping due to rain, worker strikes, and repeated changes to specifications, but we were able to complete the projects in the agreed time.
  • MitaIt sounds like it was a monumental task!
  • TakakuwaIt was. But we overcame these difficulties, and brought the projects to a successful conclusion. I feel a great sense of accomplishment now that we have completed these tasks.
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