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Image Recognition Service "GAZIRU" Available for Smartphone Built-in Cameras

"Did you know that NEC has received the world's top rating (See Note) for its image recognition technology such as face recognition technology and fingerprint authentication? NEC also has a long standing track record in the development of cellphones and smartphones, and through such developmental experience, produced technology to process images quickly on limited resources as cellphones and smartphones.
Today, a totally new and innovative image recognition service, which combines these two technologies, is going to be introduced. It is an image recognition service utilizing cameras such as those on smartphones. Image data is pre-registered and by having users point their cameras to products or by taking photos, information related to the product is displayed. Those who work in travel agencies or are responsible for advertising and publicity wishing to promote products or services should take note! The interview is with Mr. Fukuzawa responsible for this technology at NEC.

NEC Carrier Service Division Headquarters, No.3 Carrier Service Division,
Shigekazu Fukuzawa

  • MitaI've heard that this "GAZIRU" can be used with smartphones to recognize images. Would it be possible for me to try this out?
  • FukuzawaOf course. Here, try holding the built-in camera of the smartphone installed with "GAZIRU" over the photograph of the beach in this travel pamphlet. (handing it to Mita.)
  • Mita(Mita tries scanning the image.) Wow! It recognized the picture. Oh! And, now a movie of the beach is being displayed! Wow! This picture takes me to the official web site of the tourist spot. This is fun! Lots of related information is displayed.
  • FukuzawaThank you. Like in this case, information that cannot be expressed by pamphlets alone can be conveyed on the smartphone screen to customers visiting a travel agency or those looking at pamphlets.
  • MitaSo from the viewpoint of those working in travel agencies, you can have customers download apps with "GAZIRU" as a part of some campaign or such, and deliver information from, say, a poster in a train station.
  • FukuzawaYes, that's right. This can be used in the TV industry where you work as well.
  • MitaThat came across my mind as well! If you're interested in the clothes of a particular actress in a TV drama, you could use "GAZIRU" to connect to a mail order page which would make shopping more fun. And, if you held the camera over an artist you like in a music program, having information about concert tickets pop up or the like would be new. It seems innovative services and ads never seen before could be provided. By the way, around how many images can be registered?
  • FukuzawaIn the version you just tried, images are compared within the app built into the smartphone, so about 20 videos or 100 photographed images. If there are more, you can place the images for recognizition on a server (cloud-based) and have interaction with the server.
  • MitaI see!
  • FukuzawaBy the way, "GAZIRU" comes in three versions. One version recognizes images of flat objects. This is the one that you tried out. The other two versions recognize images of three dimensional objects. One version stores the image data for recognition on the smartphone. While the other version places the numerous images or information to be provided on a server (cloud-based).
  • MitaWith respect to the three dimentional version, for example, does that mean it will be able to recognize images of a wonderful lunch or a cool-looking car on the street?

  • FukuzawaYes.
  • MitaWow! That sounds fun. With lunch, for example, it would be nice if one could learn the ingredients or its recipe, or have a coupon or something pop up. And, if you are a car dealer ... you could provide customers with the used price on the spot. If it was me, I'd make use of this right away! What kind of people did you have in mind that would use this?
  • FukuzawaI think it would be useful to people in various industries such as the tourist industry, food service industry, advertisement industry, etc.
  • MitaIn my opinion, I would definitely recommend it to people in advertising or those in charge of promotions to take a look at this. Mr. Fukuzawa, thank you very much for your informative talk.
  • (Note) NEC's face authentication technology acquired No.1 evaluation in all items of categories in which NEC participated in the Multiple Biometric Grand Challenge held by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • (Note) Evaluated as No. 1 in the evaluation of latent fingerprint technologies test held by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

GAZIRU is a registered trademark of NEC Corporation in Japan.

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