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High-definition image data compressed in an instant!

  • SadoshimaTo handle large images for such purposes more easily, images are compressed to reduce their storage size or to reduce the load placed on networks. However, we believe that the needs of industrial sectors cannot fully be met by conventional image compression formats.
  • MitaWhat do you mean?
  • SadoshimaFirst, with the image compression format "JPEG" that is often used in digital cameras, cellphones, and other devices that everyone carries around, processing is light and compression time is short. This format, however, is not well suited for industrial applications like those I have mentioned above since image quality deteriorates drastically. To counter this, there is the "JPEG2000" format that provides better image quality than JPEG. This is said to provide the best image quality in the world when images are compressed.
  • MitaIn other words, you mean that JPEG2000 can reduce the size of images while keeping image quality better than that afforded by JPEG.
  • SadoshimaYes, exactly. However, JPEG2000 has shortcomings in that the processing workload at image compression is much larger than that of JPEG and the compression itself takes an extremely long time. In summary, the general image compression formats JPEG and JPEG2000 each have merits and demerits, but we believe that these formats do not always fulfill the needs of industrial sectors that handle large workloads of images.
  • MitaSomehow I'm beginning to see the background to the development.
  • SadoshimaThis is why we developed our proprietary image compression engine. Simply put, its features are as follows. It ensures almost the same image quality as JPEG2000, and while having almost the same compression ratio, its compression speed is up to 40 times faster than JPEG2000. In other words, it can compress image data while keeping image quality intact and do the compression more quickly.
  • MitaSo it perfectly matches the needs of today's industrial sectors!
  • SadoshimaI think you could say that. Since this is not readily understandable just by words alone, let's actually compare it with other compression engines (taking out a notebook computer). First, we'll compress with JPEG.
  • MitaWow, that was fast. However, the image is coarse and hard to see.
  • SadoshimaNext, we'll compress with JPEG2000.
  • MitaI see it takes time. But this time, the image quality is good.
  • SadoshimaNow, let’s compress with StarPixel. Here, we go!
  • MitaThat was fast! And, I can't tell the difference between the compressed image and the one done with JPEG2000.
  • SadoshimaStarPixel features a fast compression speed and unchanged image quality even after compression. Was the example, easy to understand?
  • MitaYes. Seeing it first hand made it easier to grasp.

Photo:Differences in image quality after compressionLarger viewDifferences in image quality after compression

  • SadoshimaGreat. OK, then. StarPixel has two compression modes. The first of these is "reversible" which allows compressed images to be restored without any deterioration in image quality. The other is "irreversible" which is capable of compressing images even more powerfully, that is, making images even smaller in size, but with the tradeoff that image quality will deteriorate by a certain amount. One of the identifying features of StarPixel is that it supports both "reversible" and "irreversible" modes.
  • MitaSo, you can use the compression modes selectively to suit specific site requirements, can't you?
  • SadoshimaYes, that's right. And compression ratio of images differs between the two. In this case, the reversible mode, the compression ratio is roughly 59%. This means that a 100 megabyte image will be reduced to a size of 59 megabytes if compressed. And the compression ratio of JPEG2000 is roughly 58%, which means that StarPixel can compress to about the same size as JPEG2000.
  • MitaAnd, with a compression speed up to 40 times faster, you get the best of both worlds!
  • SadoshimaAlso, for your information, the compression ratio of the irreversible mode is the same as that of JPEG2000. StarPixel has also another feature -- it is highly secure. Because this is a proprietary image compression format developed by NEC, images compressed by StarPixel cannot be viewed on a regular personal computer, for example, in the unlikely event that there is a security leak.
  • MitaHigh security is a welcome feature for industrial sectors because they often handle confidential information.
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