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Linking Japan and South-East Asia! - the new “SJC” submarine cable

  • MiwaAlso, because this project involves many telecom carriers who are our customers, it was difficult to decide on the colors of the optical fibers.
  • MitaColors?

  • MiwaOptical fibers are transparent. But there are usually several numbers of fibers and we color them so that we know which connects to which. Each customer has their policies and preferences, so it took a long discussion to decide on the colors of the fibers.
  • MitaYou've had a lot of problems, big and small.
  • MiwaBut the capability to do everything from government negotiation to marine surveys and submarine cable installation is our strength. Besides, we are doing an important job of building the foundation of data communications for the countries involved, which makes us feel proud of what we are doing.
  • MitaYour commitment is amazing. By the way, I've heard that NEC manufactures submarine cables as well.
  • MiwaYes. To be exact, submarine cables are manufactured at the Submarine Cable Plant of OCC Corporation, NEC's subsidiary in Kitakyushu City. There's also a device, called a submarine repeater that amplifies the optical signal that becomes weaker as it passes through an optical fiber, and the repeaters are manufactured by NEC Yamanashi. These submarine repeaters we have here will be transported by land to OCC in Kitakyushu, where they will be connected to the submarine cable. In Kitakyushu, they are presently loading the cable on a ship, and we will be going to see it later in the week. Why don't you join us?
  • MitaThat's just what I was about to ask you. Please let me join you!

Submarine cable repeaters manufactured by NEC Yamanashi

On November 12, 2012, we visited the Submarine Cable Plant of OCC in Kitakyushu City and saw the manufacturing plant and the process of "loading," one of the main events in a submarine cable project.

  • MiwaIn a submarine cable project, we first conduct a marine survey, create a detailed system design, manufacture the submarine cable and repeaters based on the design, and connect them together. Only then can we load the cable onto a ship. After the cable loading, we start installation of the submarine cable in the ocean. In other words, the preceding processes are the preparations, and "loading" is the first step of cable installation in the ocean.
  • MitaSo it's a demarcation point in the project.
  • MiwaThat's right. By the way, OCC manufactures submarine cables using a special technology that cannot be seen anywhere else.
  • MitaA special technology? What is it?
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