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New biometric identification tools used in theme parks

  • KokuryoYes, that's right. For example, it could be utilized for child safety. Facial recognition could be used to judge children's faces when they arrive at his or her elementary school and have a message with a photo attached informing what time the child arrived at school sent via e-mail to their guardian's cellphone.
  • MitaThat would be a really useful service when it is realized.
  • KokuryoYes. Guardians would feel more at ease since they could also see the expression on their child's face. As I recall, NEC's "NeoFace" was also used in a project on a TV program to investigate whether the warriors in China's famous terracotta army had the same face or not.
  • MitaI saw that program! Each and every face in the terracotta army was compared, wasn't it? It was an interesting project. I see that the possibilities of using facial recognition are growing.
  • KokuryoWe are making extra efforts so that the potential of this technology will expand even more.
  • MitaI'm looking forward to it.
  • KokuryoOn the other hand, in biometrics "fingerprint identification" is the most precise. And NEC has developed something called a "hybrid finger identification" which is a mixture of fingerprint identification and "finger vein identification."
  • MitaWow! I didn't know that.
  • KokuryoAt NEC, we have commercialized the product as a "contactless hybrid finger scanner" which simultaneously scans fingerprints and finger veins. Currently, it is being used in situations such as in authentication for computer login.
  • MitaIsn't just the scanning of fingerprints enough?
  • KokuryoNo, it isn't. Fingerprints become more difficult to be scanned if the fingerprint itself is worn down or when the finger is wet. And with respect to veins, they become more difficult to be scanned when blood flow is weak as a result of one's physical condition. That is why these two methods were integrated so both can be simultaneously scanned.
  • MitaYou mean that precision increases by combining the two authentication methods.
  • KokuryoYes. Impersonation by others is prevented since two sets of information are used. And incidentally, NEC became the first in the world to have developed a product that simultaneously scans fingerprints and finger veins. What is interesting about the hybrid finger scanner is that it can be used in a "contactless" manner. Would you like to try ? (taking out the hybrid finger scanner)
  • MitaOh! It looks empty inside...
  • KokuryoInteresting, right? Ordinarily, with fingerprint authentication, you have to hold your finger in direct contact. However, with this scanner, all you have to do is hold your finger over it. Please try.
  • Mita(Holding her finger over the scanner) Wow. It's just been scanned!

Photo:Hybrid finger scanner for scanning information in a "contactless" mannerHybrid finger scanner for scanning information in a "contactless" Image shows cover removed.

  • KokuryoThe camera is located within the bottom and the finger and finger vein are scanned there.
  • MitaWow! I'm happy about this. Because I'd be reluctant to touch something that has been touched by numerous people. This, however, is hygienic.
  • KokuryoVarious research into biometrics, such as "multi-modal" technology that combines two or more biometric methods like these, is being promoted and has resulted in rapid advances in technology.
  • MitaI've learned a lot. Ms. Kokuryo. Thank you very much for your time.
  • KokuryoThe pleasure is mine. Thank you for listening.

This concludes today's report.

Our talk today dealt mainly with facial recognition and hybrid finger identification using fingerprints and finger veins though there are other various biometrics technology in development such as those which use the iris in our eyes and some which use the voice.

It is because of the results of research like this that security systems for protecting our lives are improved and new attractions appear at amusement parks.

See you in the next installment of "MiTaTV"!

  • *NeoFace is a registered trademark of NEC Corporation in Japan.

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