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OpenStack Summit Barcelona 2016

NEC at OpenStack Summit Barcelona 2016

In Barcelona, over 5200 people had joined to beautiful city, and there were hundred of sessions and discussion/meetings in OpenStack Summit. NEC had attend as Premier sponsor and had 12 sessions including keynote demonstration. Thanks for coming to our booth or sessions!

Keynote (Oct. 25 9:55am – 10:05am)
Demo: OpenStack and OPNFV - Keeping Your Mobile Phone Calls Connected

The demo will feature a Cloud NFV-based fault-tolerant vEPC platform (OpenStack + vEPC + OPNFV Doctor).
Ryota Mibu from NEC will be presenting with Doctor Project Lead hat on along with other folks. Don't miss it!

Currently OpenStack is becoming de-facto standard cloud platform for telecom operators, and many of them start utilizing OpenStack in their environment. NEC has been supporting their activities for several years, and understand their requirements for OpenStack. In the session, we summarize the requirements and introduce our latest solution for that. And especially we pick the operation costs of Day2 that means after setting up the environment. It is currently big burden for many operators. In the second part of the session, we will introduce our customer's challenge and R&D activities about efficient and intelligent distributed monitoring framework for Day 2 operation.

Booth and Demonstrations (Booth No B2)

NEC Cloud System (OSS Building Model)

NEC Cloud System is "Pure Open" private cloud solution based on OpenStack and other OSS, with NEC's technologies for building "Mission Critical" system such as NFV, Enterprise Data Centers, Social System etc. In the booth, we showed our latest features as video demonstration, that include "PaaS Platform using OpenShift", "VNF/PNF management" and "Rolling Upgrade"

Cloud Platform for IaaS

Converged IT Infrastructure based on OSS Pre-configured and installed OSS platform based on OpenStack and Ceph. The platform is well suited for small start and scale out cloud infrastructure. In the booth, we showed cloud native application over Docker, and demonstrated auto-scale by Senlin, Prometeus, etc. The environment was constructed on Cloud Platform for IaaS.

Breakout Session from NEC Members

If I don't live in US, how do I become a significant contributor to OpenStack?
Oct. 25 (Tue) 11:25am – 12:05pm

Most of the OpenStack project, workgroup, and comittee meetings are happening in US or during US working hours. As someone who lives outside of US, how do I keep up with the latest development of OpenStack, and effectively contribute and collaborate with other OpenStack developers and members?

How to Work Upstream with OpenStack
Oct. 25 (Tue) 3:05pm – 3:45pm

Presentation on what it takes to successfully contribute upstream to OpenStack. PTLs and committers from telecom operators, vendors, and OpenStack core developers in the OPNFV Doctor project will discuss key lessons and takeaways from their successful and ongoing contributions to OpenStack.

SFQM & Doctor: Keeping my (telco) cloud afloat
Oct. 25 (Tue) 5:05pm – 5:45pm

Additional statistics facilitate more resilient and performant telco/NFV clouds.
It is vital to monitor systems for malfunctions that could lead to users' application service disruption and promptly react to these fault events to facilitate improving overall system performance.

Fault Management with OpenStack Congress and Vitrage, based on OPNFV Doctor Framework
Oct. 26 (Wed) 5:05pm – 5:45pm

In telecom operation, fault management is essential to achieve high service availability. This is typically realized by a monitoring system which is specific to hardware and application as they are tightly coupled before introduction of NFV.

Monasca: One year later
Oct. 25 (Tue) 3:05pm – 3:45pm

Monasca was accepted into the OpenStack Big Tent about a year ago and has come a long way and is under rapid development. It is the OpenStack Monitoring as a Service (MONaaS) project with a focus on metrics and log management.

Evaluation of Openstack from Mission Critical View Point
Oct. 25 (Tue) 5:55pm – 6:30pm

Abstruct This presentation will share our experiences in evaluation of various releases of Openstack from mission critical view point. In our study we evaluated different components of Openstack (Cinder, swift, Nova, Neutron, Ceilometer, glance, keystone, Heat and ironic etc) for Performance, Scalability, Reliability, Operability and security view point.

vBrownBag(Short Session) from NEC Members

Got bored of doing code documentation? Try Sphinx
Oct. 25 (Tue) 3:00pm – 3:14pm

Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and structured documentation. With increasing projects in openstack managing documents could be a tedious task, why not to write code which generates documents for you.

Exploiting best of Crowded Automation Tools
Oct. 26 (Wed) 12:00am – 12:14pm

Openstack comes up with a lot of choices when it comes to deployment and orchestration managment e.g. heat, chef, puppet, juju, maas, fuel, dockers, kubernets, ansible, Kolla, Mistral etc. There is a big mess around users about what to use when and which one is suitable for what kind of requirements.

Design and Performance Characteristics of Tap-as-a-Service
Oct. 26 (Wed) 3:15pm – 3:29pm

Tap-as-a-Service is an OpenStack project designed to give tenants and service providers a safe and reliable means of monitoring the traffic flowing in their Neutron provisioned virtual networks, via the attachment of virtual taps that do not require any modifications to their instances.

End to End Network Service Deployment in Tacker
Oct. 27 (Thu) 11:45am – 11:59am

Tacker is a generic VNF Manager and NFV Orchestrator that performs Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) life cycle management and configuration. NSD templates mainly describe network elements as a relationship between different network element and their links to be instantiated in the NFV infrastructure.

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