NEC content summary for
MWC Barcelona 2020

Though the event has been canceled per GSMA announcement, we would like to share a glimpse of our business proposition so that we can continue the dialogue with our valued customers and partners, and the vibrant mobile industry. Please take a look!
We look forward to working with you in the near future.

  • 5G Vision
  • 5G Open vRAN
  • 5G Transport
  • Cyber Defense
  • 5G Use Case
  • 5G Cloud Core
  • High Speed AI
  • Personal Data Utilization Service
  • Intelligent Optical Fiber Sensing

5G Vision

As 5G deployment are shifted from introduction stage to full execution / operation stage,
how to cost-effectively operationalize and monetize service providers’ assets is big challenge for them.
NEC’s 5G Ecosystem helps service providers address such challenges with its expertise in building large-scale, mission –critical network infrastructure.
Also it brings the best-of-breed and tailor-made solution with several key components such as OPEN vRAN, 5G-ready transport, orchestrator and security.
NEC contributes to service providers’ transformation to “Digital Service Provider” from “Communication Service Provider”.

5G Open vRAN

Many operators around the world started to look at full network virtualization and Open RAN more seriously. Today, industry is clearly demonstrating that in the next years, Open vRAN will become a reality in commercial networks, transforming the way MNOs will deploy and monetize 5G. It is no longer a greenfield only strategy, but a very serious solution for brownfield operators provide an effective answer to densification or coverage extension in areas that were not financially justifying the investment in a traditional distributed RAN solution.
NEC delivers Open vRAN solution for service providers to improve quality of experience, enhance spectral efficiency and significantly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

5G Transport

Diverse 5G services will bring vast opportunities for operators to increase revenue. The challenge lies in how to maximize them. An optimal network that constitute -multiple combinations of transport components flexible enough to support services now and into the future is required.
NEC provides end-to-end, optimized, flexible and reliable 5G transport based on network analysis and design that accommodates characteristics of variety of suppliers, and delivers good return on investment.

Cyber Defense

NEC helps operators to build telecom-grade cyber defense capability leveraging sets of proven technologies, processes, and people.

5G Use Case

NEC is proactively conducting various 5G field trials with the telecom operators and companies of various industries, in order to address social challenges and create new markets based on 5G and ICT. We will showcase NEC's Open-RAN 5G base stations, compact indoor MIMO antenna system as reference exhibit and 5G Cloud Core.

5G Cloud Core

NEC provides 5G Core Networks as Cloud Core Solution, which maximizes the value of 5G toward the realization of DX.
By combination of the flexible deployments and the flexible mobile core configuration by CUPS, operators and enterprises can combine the existing IT/OT services on cloud and the mobile networks strongly and seamlessly.
With its expertise in building large-scale, mission-critical network infrastructure and its expertise in system construction and service provision in various industries, NEC enables mobile core networks to be highly efficient, multi-functional social and industrial infrastructures.

High Speed AI

In the 5G network era, data amount to be transferred/processed/stored will explode. NEC proposes high performance deep learning/machine learning to handle such exploded data with very high speed.
Main technology:
- NEC supercomputer hardware/software technologies
- Optimized and accelerated deep learning/machine learning
- Higher speed deep learning/machine learning
- Lower cost/power deep learning/machine learning

Personal Data Utilization Service

Our service offers ID integration and utilization of personal data, which brings the following benefits:
- Integrated view of multiservice usage: Service provider can visualize the "landscape of a user’s needs", as all the services are integrated with single ID
- User controlled personal data utilization: Personal data can be utilized only after user's explicit consent, which user can manage anytime
- Improvement in user experience: invent new value by enabling data utilization among cross businesses
With our service the service provider can define additional revenue streams and deliver better values to the end user.

Intelligent Optical Fiber Sensing

Optical fiber infrastructure becomes fundamental and key element for 5G deployment.
“The value of optical fibers will be doubled if existing optical fiber networks across the globe can be sensors.”
The optical fiber networks exist at places all over the world, and also connect people and thigs all over the world.
Today, the optical fiber technology is one of the most fundamental functions for telecommunication.
We understand, if existing optical fiber networks across the globe can be sensors, we can newly create added value and the added value makes value of optical fiber networks themselves double or more.