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Revenue Management Solutions Virtualization Solutions From technology to services, NEC delivers a one-stop shop for virtualization deployment.

At a glance

Revenue Management Solutions (RMS) is a consulting firm providing econometric data analysis services across key strategic disciplines: pricing optimization, media optimization and real estate services. Clients of RMS include seven of the world's top-ten fast-food chains and three of the world's top-four hotel chains. With ongoing management of world-class client data and with the growth of new opportunities, the company was looking for a virtualization solution that would work across several different environments as it expanded. By deploying NEC platform-based virtualization solutions, RMS was able to free itself from physical and geographical constraints, as well as reduce both power consumption and total ownership cost. The result is that RMS can now better serve its global hospitality and retail clients.

Installation Background and Challenges

  • RMS was established in 1994 with headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Based on growing interest in its econometrics specialty and its data management expertise, the company was looking to expand. Offices have opened in Paris (2006) and in Singapore (2008). Since the company runs and maintains one of the largest Microsoft® SQL Server® databases in the world, flexibility and performance of the NEC virtualization solution were key decision-making criteria. RMS needed to achieve two things: consolidation of server resources for more efficient utilization, and simplification of day-to-day server management operations. Additionally, due to the company's global operation, permitting staff to work from any location, at any time, was another objective.

Installation Results and Future Benefits

  • NEC introduced its virtualization solution to RMS. By allowing two Express5800/A1160 Enterprise Servers to do the work of nearly two dozen general purpose servers, it enables RMS to consolidate and share its resources across several different environments. Its virtual servers can host different operating systems and applications, locally or from remote sites. This provides RMS with several advantages. By consolidating its servers, it eliminates unnecessary hardware. It also lowers the company's power consumption, thereby reducing energy costs. NEC also introduced its D-Series SAN storage array to eliminate "storage islands."
  • The result: RMS is now able to attain greater utilization of its hardware resources, enabling better service to global clients. It also provides RMS with a higher level of security and enhanced procedures for disaster recovery, assuring minimum business impact in the event of unplanned downtime.

NEC Proposal

  • NEC provided the NEC Express5800/A1160 system and D-Series SAN Storage. The Express5800/A1160 architecture features an efficiently scalable, highly reliable, and easily serviceable solution, perfect for system consolidation and server virtualization. NEC's D-Series (D8-20) SAN Storage arrays provide highly available and easily scalable storage for the SAN without sacrificing performance and flexibility.
  • NEC Corporation of America's Professional Services played a huge role in helping RMS scope their virtualization needs, design a transition plan, and load the equipment with RMS applications, and also installed the system on-site.

Introduction of products and solutions

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