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Arena Pernambuco Integrated Solutions for Arenas The unforgettable experience at the stadium is supported by the ICT solution, providing a safe and comfortable environment for all.


Itaipava Arena Pernambuco

The entertainment market is one of the most promising in Brazil. With the arrival of majorsportsevents, the Arenas in Brazil are undergoing a major transformation to complete a challenging mission: hold events more frequently, bring more visitors in, increase the revenue per visitor, attract more sponsors and create alternatives for occupancy during vacant periods. In this context, technology plays a key role in highlighting the space, leveraging revenue generation and enabling different types of services tovisitors.

That is how the Itaipava Arena Pernambuco emerged, one of most modern entertainment complexes in the world, located in the metropolitan region of Recife, Pernambuco.  A new multipurpose arena designed with NEC technology, based on the concept of smart stadiums, which host theWorld Cup, welcoming fans from around the world with open arms.


The state of Pernambuco was interested in participating in theWorld Cup, in Brazil, and for this goal to be achieved it was necessary to implement an intelligent solution, one able to attract investors. Thus, through a public/private initiative, the development of new arena and World Cup City project was consolidated.

How does one build an arena, that is a benchmark in all areas, with an innovative structure, compatible with the best projects in the industry worldwide? This was the biggest challenge: to provide safe and reliable entertainment, plus smart technology dedicated to society, capable of generating unforgettable experiences.

Under these circumstances, NEC took on the role of integrating different technological systems, tackling the management of different world class companies, besides managing and meeting the deadlines and quality standards required by FIFA, and providing mechanisms to increase revenues and optimizing operating costs. After all, new arena was not designed simply to be a soccer stadium, but also to house various sports and cultural events.


NEC's Arena Management Solution met the requirements of the project through a unique information and communication technological infrastructure. This platform is grounded on the experience of its members and based on the integration of various systems that work together. A faculty developed by the company in order to add more interactivity, safety and to maximize the project results.
NEC's Arena Management Solution is comprised of the union of the IT Infrastructure with the Communication, Management, Automation and Security Systems.

"NEC provided all the communication systems for the Arena and, in my opinion, the apex of their delivery was the Control Center, because it is through this system that we will achieve the most success in our operation." says José Ayres, Engineering Director of Odebrecht Properties.

IT Infrastructure
The core of the IT infrastructure is formed by a high-capacity IP network and reliability. This network is complemented by the Wireless Network and Data Center, which includes equipment and systems for storing data from multiple applications and systems, in addition to the Control Center which monitors them all in real time.

Communication capabilities within the Arena is made possible by theunified communications, which allows the use of instant messaging and voice mail. Following systems are also included: A Digital Radio System for Mobile Communication, a Sound System for instructing the public, a Broadcasting system to address the needs of the media and a Digital Signage System for viewing messages across giant LED screens and displays.

Advanced Multipurpose Arenas Management System
This system consists of a complete package of technological tools to support the entire Multipurpose Arena business., NEC is capable of providing various services such as Event Management, Billing, Electronic Paymentsand Loyalty Program, CRM and Business Intelligence, all according to the different needs of each Arena.

Automation (Building Management System)
The automation system aims to oversee, monitor and control the entire facility to improve the quality of life for visitors, reduce operational costs and extend the life of the equipment.

Safety must be planned and designed as a priority for the Arena. The system includes components that allow for Access Control, Perimeter Intrusion Control, System Monitoring and Alarm Detection.


NEC has built a high-performance infrastructure that integrates a range of technological services into a single system capable of providing entertainment, security and comfort forvisitors. A result achieved through an intelligence envisioned to contribute to the building of a smart city in the surrounding area in the coming years, a place where technology plays an important socio-cultural role, enriching people's lives and benefiting society as a whole. A legacy that NEC is proud to be part of.

"With NEC's technological solutions the Arena is prepared to stage the biggest sporting and cultural events with complete security and comfort. Undoubtedly, we are heaping what we've sowed, since there are other projects and we are taking another go at this partnership in the future. "Says José Ayres.


NEC's technology solutions for entertainment complexes offer smart, continuous and secure communication through communication and data networks which receive, analyze and process the information generated by various devices installed in the complex, making quick and effective decisions for the events.

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Itaipava Arena Pernambuco

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