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Face Recognition SolutionMerit Lefkoșa Casino

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Facial Recognition a Sure Bet for Casino Security

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Rich with ancient historical sites and beautiful beaches along its coastlines, Northern Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea is the destination of choice for many tourists.
Planning to become Mediterranean "Las Vegas", Northern Cyprus is riding the wave of the booming global casino gaming industry and generating tourism revenues that bring major benefits to the region.


Adapting to the complex, fast-growing environment

While Northern Cyprus is developing into a gaming hub for Europe and Africa, it is only in the infancy of a digital transformation. Here, casinos still employ standard entry controls for whitelist and watch-list customers, using eyes on the ground to manually check for known customers.
Unsurprisingly, watch-list identification has proved formidable for establishments such as Merit Lefkoșa Casino.

System Manager
Merit Lefkoșa Casino

"It is a challenge to establish concrete identification of all the individuals entering the casino. And that has resulted in considerable time expended in identification", said Mr. İSMAİL İŞCİ, the system manager for Merit Lefkoșa Casino.
This operational inefficiency has adverse effects on risk management; one of the chief concerns of casinos. While gaming is a pastime for the majority of participants, a small proportion of gamers experience severe harm that in extreme cases lead to crime, family breakdown and suicide, according to the British Gambling Prevalence Survey in 2010.1


Rising to international standards and achieving digital transformation

"Face Recognition technology has the potential to reshape how casino operators address traditional concerns, such as risk management," noted Mr. İSMAİL İŞCİ. "Traditional ID and surveillance in casinos are very time-consuming; with control center operators reviewing hours of recorded video. It is in urgent need of a digital transformation."
Merit Lefkoșa Casino chose NEC to provide the technology solution that delivers on a spectrum of operational objectives.

Improved Risk Management:

  • a)
    Provide stronger safety throughout the premises
  • b)
    Prevent fraudsters and troublemakers from returning; avoiding unnecessary losses and optimizing staffing costs
  • c)
    Identify customers with links to organized crime; providing real-time feedback to law enforcement

Enhanced Customer Service:

  • a)
    Identify VIP in order to provide speedy, personalized promotions and increase customer loyalty
  • b)
    Identify "overlooked" high rollers who have not been placed on the whitelist

Fine-tuned Targeted Marketing:

  • a)
    Obtain more data from visitors, including age, gender, gaming dwell times and other information in order to enhance casino services and increase profits

Mr. Hüseyin YETER, Project Manager of Public Safety NEC Turkey, explained the process, "The application takes in real-time video from surveillance cameras, CCTV or archived video footage. Data is streamed to multiple user interface devices. Automated cues then direct appropriate action from the casino management to staff on the casino floor."

The application takes in real-time video from surveillance cameras, CCTV or archived video footage.

In multiple independent tests over 10 years conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the United States, NEC is the only one to provide both speed and accuracy simultaneously at the highest level; widely considered the gold standard in the industry.
Installed with NEC's award winning and industry leading facial recognition technology NeoFace Watch, the application is then able to undertake a matching exercise against a watch-list database. This allows the casino to capture, assess, match and react through real-time tracking. The casino can effectively track problem gamblers' activities and duration on the casino floor and carry out targeted intervention.
Beyond the customers in the watch-list, once the system identifies preferred customers from the VIP list, it automatically triggers alerts for the casino staff to greet the guests and start their visit on the right note.

The system identifies preferred customers from the VIP list


Leading with the technological edge

During the implementation, NEC's solution succeeded in detecting a gambler in the watch-list, instantly demonstrating the technology's ability to assist the casino in capturing every unauthorized individual with the new preventive measure.
"Utilizing NeoFace Watch, Merit Lefkoșa Casino is now charging forward in the new frontier of the gaming industry. We're looking at quantifiable breakthroughs. We have seen a 30 percent increase in productivity, a huge positive impact in staff morale," celebrated Mr. İSMAİL İŞCİ.
On top of these improvements, Merit Lefkoșa Casino has also seen a 2 percent increase in current measurable income, as well as a 25 percent decrease in manpower use.
Merit Lefkoșa Casino and NEC are proud to carry the standard for future applications, leading the gaming industry with the technological edge.

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(JUL 6, 2018)

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