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Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS) Unified Communications for Healthcare ACHS improved worker productivity and cost efficiency by deploying NEC UNIVERGE unified communication platform



Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS) is a mutual insurance administrator of the Social Security Corporation Risks of Accidents and Occupational Diseases in Santiago, Chile. The organization focuses on the prevention and care of claims covered by insurance.

ACHS is responsible for an extensive network of hospitals, clinics and care centers, including the Hospital del Trabajador de Santiago (Workers’ Hospital). ACHS needed a solution to improve communication and reduce costs throughout the organization.


Maintaining uninterrupted communications between the administrative offices, hospitals and clinics of the Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS) is essential to delivering the service levels required by its member companies. With more than 1,000 employees working from locations throughout the country, a unified communication platform was required to improve productivity and maintain quality of service.

The Hospital del Trabajador de Santiago (Workers’ Hospital) needed to update its telephone system, and integrate numerous contact channels onto one voice network. A single voice network between branch offices and care facilities would better connect the geographically widespread locations, simplify communication, and improve efficiency. They needed a communications solution that would improve the productivity of doctors, nurses, and clinical and administrative support.

Although a unified communication platform was required by the ACHS, management was concerned about maintaining uninterrupted claims and patient service levels during the deployment. For more than 15 years, ACHS has been turning to NEC for its technology needs, and this time was no different.


photo: Italo Encalada
Italo Encalada
Account Manager
After evaluating providers for nearly one year, ACHS chose NEC for its stability, leading communication technology solutions, and positive results. NEC deployed its UNIVERGE IP architecture to integrate the voice and data networks at ACHS, and centralize communications. This fully integrated IP communications network built on the NEC UNIVERGE Communications Platform is divided into multiple branches nationwide.

“ACHS views NEC as a true partner in solving our technology challenges,” said Italo Encalada, Account Manager, NEC Chile. “After meeting with NEC to discuss our IT needs, it was clear that NEC’s unified communications and value-added solutions would meet our current requirements, as well as future technology demands.”

The NEC UNIVERGE Communications Platform includes the UNIVERGE SV8500 and SV8300 IP communications servers, NEAX 2000 IPS, and UNIVERGE SP30 Multimedia IP Softphone. The two central communications sites support thirty regional communications sites that connect Santiago and surrounding regions. This reliable, integrated communications platform provides a flexible, scalable solution that helps to lower ACHS’s costs.

“NEC offers the peace of mind, trust and constant support that ACHS requires,” said Francisco Aguila Casanueva, Chief Contact Center HTS, ACHS. "We chose NEC because of its history with ACHS of delivering quality results, its stability as a company, and the strength of the solutions.” Ease of management and feature transparency are among the many benefits of the IP network that NEC implemented at ACHS. The virtual server infrastructure is simple to operate and maintain, and system management such as installing switches can be handled remotely from any computer.


After six months migrating to the new NEC UNIVERGE IP architecture, ACHS now enjoys better performance and lower costs through unified voice and data communications.

Upgrading to the UNIVERGE SV8500 IP server enabled the ACHS to utilize NEC SP30 softphones , which are versatile, multimedia IP phones that connect to computers via a USB hub to deliver high quality voice.

NEC’s UNIVERGE SP30 softphone provides employees with a versatile, converged communications tool that offers an impressive array of high quality video, audio, voice and text features. It can be used as a primary desktop telephone, a supplemental desktop telephone, or a remote/telecommuting device.

With the mobility function of the new UNIVERGE SP30 softphone, worker productivity has improved significantly. ACHS is also realizing cost savings from connecting domestic calls without a carrier. Installing the UNIVERGE SV Series IP servers has simplified network management. Unified voice and data communications systems have increased capacity, which has resulted in fewer system failures, less planned or unplanned downtime, and minimal data loss. Even when a devastating earthquake hit Conception, the network and service continued uninterrupted and other hospitals in the region were able to communicate with the Hospital del Trabajador de Santiago to coordinate relief.

“With the help of NEC’s unified communications solutions, ACHS was able to deploy a voice network between branches and improve the connectivity of its geographically diverse locations,” said Casanueva. “We valued NEC’s commitment to implement our projects within the agreed upon timeframe.” ACHS intends to continue expanding their IP network to connect new regions, and will pursue the vision of full convergence of all voice and data channels.

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Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS)

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(Mar 29, 2012)