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NEC standard satellite system NEXTAR provides world-class remote sensing capabilities at a low cost, in a short time and with high reliability.
NEC revised the system architecture in order to achieve highly integrated and open system with adopting advanced COTS technology.

NEXTARNEXTAR : NEC Next Generation Star

Satellite Bus System

Realizing high performance satellite using NEXTAR

Modular architecture enables easy integration of various kinds of mission modules such as a high-resolution optical sensor, SAR sensor, wide-coverage optical sensor, hyper spectral sensor, and other modules for scientific missions. NEXTAR offers flexible, affordable solutions that meet each user’s requirements.

Modular architecture

NEXTAR is a product that condenses the extensive experience in satellite system development that NEC has built up since 1970. With NEXTAR, NEC achieves a highly reliable and highly functional satellite system that can be delivered quickly, at a low cost.

Technical Data (Reference:NX-300L)

Core Bus Features

Bus dry mass 250 kg
Payload mass capability 250 kg max.
Payload power supply 600 w max.
Life 5 years

Telemetry and Command

Communication frequency S-band/X-band

Mission Data Handling

Data bus I/F SpaceWire (IEEE 1355)
Data rate & storage 800 Mbps, 120GB

Attitude Control

Control method 3-axis, zero momentum
Control capability ±6.6x10-2 deg


Bus voltage 50 V
Battery Li-ion
Solar Array TJ-GaAs cell

Propulsion (option)


Bus module dimension W950 x D950 x H950(mm)
Module Bus / Mission separation

System Block Diagram

Simulation Data (Optical sensor)

Simulation Data

NEC Heritage of SAR Technology

Night view around Shizuoka-city by the PALSAR

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