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Automatic Cyber Attack Defense Solution

(Palo Alto Networks Integration)

Automated solution for cyberattack detection and protection*
Reduces security risks which lowers business credibility

  • *SDN (Software-Defined Networking) automatically blocks communication with the devices on which security incidents are detected.



(1) Automated Initial Response

(2) Containment of Internal Spreading

  • *C&C (Command & Control) server:
    A server that controls devices infected with malware and issues commands over the Internet.

Benefits of Automated Initial Response

  • Reduce personnel costs related to threat prevention and minimize the risk of damage spreading with automated initial response.
  • Automated initial response prevent human errors in taking measures and reduces the time required to respond to incidents.

Sample Network Configuration

Major Components

Category Product Name Product Overview
Palo Alto Networks
Next-Generation Firewall
Palo Alto Networks Security Product. Pioneering next-generation firewall (proven track record with NEC).
Its strength is in detecting unknown/known threats and preventing unauthorized outbound communication.
SDN Adapter MasterScope JobCenter for SDN
Solution Pack
NEC Software Product. Determines appropriate security measures from security appliance incident logs and sends network control commands to the SDN controller.
MasterScope SystemManager for SDN
Solution Pack
SDN UNIVERGE PF6800 NEC SDN Product. Performs centralized control of switches via SDN controller.
Dynamically controls networks linked to external applications.
UNIVERGE PF5200 Series

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