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NEC SDN Partner Space

Portal site for our global partners

NEC SDN Partner Space

NEC has launched a partnership program to promote the global development and adoption of Software-Defined Networking (SDN)-based network applications and solutions in the enterprise and data center markets.

This portal site, NEC SDN Partner Space, was created to provide a place where our global partners can come to receive support in developing SDN-based applications and solutions, and is part of NEC's comprehensive SDN support platform that also includes a newly released software development kit containing NEC's SDN controller (ProgrammableFlow Controller) and upper-layer API (North Bound API) bundled with API-based software development manuals and sample source code.

Working with our global partners to create better value

NEC is committed to working with our partners to develop and deliver cutting-edge SDN-based applications and solutions that will improve the safety, security, and efficiency of the ICT systems that form the foundation of business and living. Our activities include:

  • Releasing NEC's SDN controller (ProgrammableFlow Controller) API specifications and a software development kit for developing software based on this API
  • Helping our partners develop applications and application-based solutions that can will lead to the global expansion of SDN business

Participating companies

Dell, HP, Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Radware,
Trend Micro, NoviFlow, Centec, Meru Networks, Ixia, Broadcom, Extreme Networks, RedHat, RedCannon, Aria Networks, H-Log, Abiquo, and many more
(Information current as of October 2014; full company names omitted)

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