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NEC SDN Solutions are dynamic SDN solutions that will help create new business opportunities.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a new technology for controlling networks by software. It is attracting global attention for its potential to create advanced ICT systems that can quickly and flexibly respond to changes in social and business environments.

As a leading SDN vendor, NEC provides NEC SDN Solutions to enable the creation of effective ICT systems that will benefit business, improve lifestyles, and contribute to society.

What are NEC SDN Solutions?

NEC SDN Solutions are IT and Network integrated solutions realized
through NEC's advanced technologies

Safe, Secure, High Quality and Robust,
NEC SDN Solutions simply and flexibly
support customers' needs and the creation of new business

Figure: Concept of NEC SDN SolutionsLarger viewConcept of NEC SDN Solutions

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