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Use Case

As ICT systems grow more intricate, many companies are experiencing larger operational loads on their networks, as well as rising costs. We will show you how implementing NEC SDN Solutions can solve these problems, using actual case studies.

  • *SDN: Software-Defined Networking

Use Case 1: Manufacturer of lighting equipment and components

A lighting parts manufacturer was growing rapidly, building new offices and plants nationwide as demand for LED lighting products rose. However, the company was having problems with rising WAN link costs and a decline in operational management efficiency. NEC helped the company slash link costs by implementing NEC's WAN Connection Optimization for Offices and Data Centers Solution. At the same time, WAN operation became dramatically more efficient.

Use Case 2: Manufacturer of automotive components

A car parts manufacturer was having problems in managing its employees' access rights and maintaining network security due to frequent project launches and staff transfers. NEC helped the company automate its access rights management with NEC's Access Authentication Solution. At the same time, the company was able to build a secure and robust network highly resistant to internal information leaks.

Use Case 3: Construction materials trading company

The network of a trading company specializing in imported construction materials had become extremely complex due to the purchase of a construction service company and the subsequent network merger. This in turn caused an increase in management workloads and slower ICT resource provision. Monitoring operations also had become inefficient. By introducing IaaS Operation Automation Solutions, NEC helped the company increase the speed of ICT resource provision while at the same time improving the company's management efficiency by automating monitoring and other operations.

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