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What is ProgrammableFlow?

ProgrammableFlow is a network technology incorporating NEC's validated architecture and industry best practices honed over many years.

ProgrammableFlow integrates with existing network technologies while implementing flexible and efficient network operations.

NEC developed ProgrammableFlow as an SDN enabled platform capable of resolving the restrictions, obstacles, and issues inherent in current networking technologies.

ProgrammableFlow makes it possible for anyone, including IT staff with limited networking skills, to design, implement, and manage networks.

Seven Functional and Technical Components of ProgrammableFlow

ProgrammableFlow is:

Commercialized Network Virtualization Technologies

1. Virtual Nodes
Abstract resources to simplify network configurations and operational status

2. Multitenancy
Implements multiple virtual networks, with independent address spaces and policies, on a single physical network

Commercialized Flow Control Technologies

3. Distributed Virtual Routing
Establishes router functionality using multiple switches to eliminate the need for routers and routing design in networks

4. Multilayer Fabric
Deploys the optimum topology for the network's requirements without physical restrictions

Commercialized Centralized Control Technologies

5. Centralized Management
Simplifies network operations and improves coordination with other systems by centralizing the management of controllers

6. High Scalability
Applies centralized control to large-scale networks by deploying hybrid flow control and the implementation of faster, layered controllers.

7. High Reliability
Establishes highly reliable centralized control by coordinating controller and switch status in order to accelerate failover

ProgrammableFlow White Paper

This document provides an operational overview of seven functional and technical components, while offering an insight into the benefits available.

  • *The standard specifications of the OpenFlow protocol were created by the OpenFlow standardization organization, Open Networking Foundation (ONF), which was established in 2011. At the time of this publication, the latest OpenFlow specification is version 1.5. NEC has been proactively involved in ONF since its establishment.

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