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Improve Patient Care & Experience

Rising Patient Expectations? Now You Can Exceed Them.


NEC gives you the ability to meet and surpass patient expectations for higher quality care, and ensure a comfortable, welcoming and friendly experience.

By smoothing patient-hospital interactions and making healthcare staff easily reachable, our solutions help ease the most common sources of patient frustration. The patient experience typically begins with a call to schedule an appointment, which can often be a time-consuming and potentially frustrating process for patients and staff alike. Contact Centers provide a Unified Communications solution that can be deployed in either a centralized or distributed manner, utilizing intelligent routing to ensure that inbound contacts – whether phone, email, fax, website enquiry, or any other messaging methods – are directed to the most appropriate individual or group based on their skills and competencies. The result – waiting times are reduced and your staff will be more productive and motivated.

We can also help improve medical outcomes with Mobile Solutions that ensure that the most appropriate hospital staff are always contacted to provide the correct procedures at the point of care. Unified Communications applications can be integrated with a hospital's nurse call system, enhancing real-time connectivity between patients and staff as the system can now always reach the right nurse on duty at the nurse's station or on a mobile device. This integration helps eliminate unnecessary callbacks to other staff members and improves patient response times. The result is a better patient experience at the hospital and improved satisfaction with doctors and staff. And this translates into more patient referrals and increased business for your hospital, in addition to your prime goal of providing higher levels of care.

Even in waiting areas, you can create a better patient experience by using our advanced Digital Signage to present a mix of news, practical health and wellness information, together with your own choice of promotional content. Waiting time becomes more enjoyable as well as educational for patients and those accompanying them. In larger facilities, the content can be tailored to each department, for example providing information on home childproofing in the hospital waiting area for new parents. And when appropriate, signage systems can also be used to promote the higher-margin services that you offer, such as cosmetic surgery.

Patients will also appreciate Self-Service Kiosks that make it simpler for them to personally register or check in, update their insurance and contact info, schedule future appointments with health care providers, and find directions to different departments. These touch-screen medical kiosks make life easier on your staff, while reducing wait times for patients. Hospital kiosks can also integrate with larger self-service initiatives and patient registration systems, such as those that provide web-based appointment requests and insurance claims.

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If your hospital's catchment includes non-urban areas, you can leverage NEC's powerful communications technology to eliminate any gap in care quality. Telemedicine can be extremely beneficial for people living in isolated communities and remote regions, and this technology has now advanced to the stage where it can cover almost every kind of medical requirement. It allows patients who live in such areas to remotely consult a doctor or specialist and receive an accurate and complete examination with no need to travel for long and inconvenient distances.

Through these and other solutions, we can help you elevate your performance, improve patient satisfaction and raise the quality of your services.