Enhance Public Services

Exceed Citizen Expectations.


Citizens want to feel that government is responsive to their needs and able to assure their safety. New technology offers you more ways to enhance the public services you provide and achieve greater citizen satisfaction.

An essential first need for government bodies is to ensure that inquiries are instantly directed to the most appropriate person or department. For this you need a contact center that provides a single point of contact for handling all calls, enables prompt response, quality of information and action, personalized service and effective fulfillment, regardless of the technology involved. NEC's Business ConneCT and UCB (UC for Business) are powerful all-in-one communications solutions that include a sophisticated contact center application to provide your agents with the tools they need to efficiently manage large numbers of inbound inquiries and outbound contacts – by email, fax, web chat, Short Message Service (SMS) or phone. The Contact Center applies standard contact handling methods to all media types, optimizes agent time through the use of a single intuitive desktop interface, offers skills-based routing to reduce talk time and transfers between agents, and enables agents to answer calls faster, thus reducing call abandonment. An integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capability allows you to provide callers with self-service options as alternatives to waiting or hanging up. One of the most satisfying results you'll experience from this system will be the way it ensures first call resolution through the use of Presence.

You'll also appreciate how moving to a single server environment such as one of NEC's UNIVERGE series will simplify administration.

photoUNIVERGE SV8000 Series

Another great opportunity to improve your service exists in any government office where citizens face tedium while waiting to carry out registration or application procedures. Banish that tedium and brighten up everyone's day by using digital signage to present a mix of helpful information and announcements, which can be tailored to particular departmental priorities. Introduce self-service kiosks to further reduce frustration and lighten staff workloads by allowing applicants to fill out forms themselves on easy-to-understand touch-screens. Touch-screens can also provide interactive building maps and instructions to help visitors navigate your location without needing assistance from your busy staff.

Citizen concerns for safety can also benefit from the latest advances in technology. To help combat crime, state-of-the-art biometrics solutions can help law enforcement dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of fingerprint search and identification.