Improve Productivity & Cost Efficiency



Ideally, public sector services should be seamlessly integrated to create a modern “joined up” government, but your physical facilities and personnel often tend to be distributed over a wide area, impeding everyone's efficiency. The good news is you can now address this issue by using new technology to connect people rather than locations, and by permitting your people to do their jobs away from their desks.

To replace the time-consuming methods of the past, many government entities are turning to unified communications (UC). UC starts with integrated mobility solutions that make your people reachable at a single number on multiple devices – whether it's mobile, landline, IP-DECT, Wireless-LAN, or Smartphone – regardless of their physical location. A web-accessible portal enables each individual to manage their presence, calls, e-mails, faxes, audio and video conferencing and status from a single application. Your specialist staff can indicate their availability via presence information, so that requests for expert knowledge always go directly to the right person. Contact centers based on Business ConneCT and UCB (UC for Business) will optimize your call handling capability both internally and for outside inquiries, providing call routing, directory assistance and help-lines. Your callers will appreciate the resulting quick access to department-specific assistance. Our contact center solutions are modular and fully scalable to match your needs and can be tightly integrated to support specific applications – they can be supplied in any size, and provided in either a centralized or distributed deployment.

UC also offers conferencing capability that combines voice, video and text messaging, creating a highly productive collaborative environment that reduces costs in terms of travel and time. For flexworking, NEC's solution gives your employees the flexibility to hot desk into their corporate extension number, keeping them well informed and highly productive.

Unified communications solutions enable your personnel to work more effectively and allow you to reform workflows to reduce costs, but in the final analysis, your mission in the public sector is to serve the public in the most efficient way you can. And this is where UC knocks the ball put of the park – once you have an NEC UC solution up and running, you'll quickly start seeing customer satisfaction levels soar as your staff respond to enquiries with ever greater rapidity and precision.