Green IT

A No-Compromise Approach to Environmental Concerns


NEC is committed to creating a sustainable society through environmental management that contributes to reducing the environmental impact of society as a whole, by providing environmentally sound products and services.

For government organizations seeking to shrink their environmental footprint, we offer powerful solutions that work by saving energy through the use of low-power components and efficient system design, by monitoring and scheduling power consumption to avoid waste while meeting actual energy needs, and by downsizing and using cooler-running equipment that cuts auxiliary energy usage for air conditioning.

With the dramatic increase in data volumes, information systems have evolved and become more complex to manage, resulting in ever increasing IT spending with corresponding enormous impacts on institutional financial well-being. Data centers in particular are facing soaring energy costs for the increasing power consumption of their proliferating servers. The percentage of energy cost in total cost of ownership continues to rise, with energy bills exceeding initial deployment costs over a few years. Finding effective ways to slash energy costs is a paramount issue for organizations wishing to protect their operations and to protect the global environment.

Power-efficient data center operation can be achieved by saving power at the rack level instead of the server level. The NEC Express5800/ECO CENTER maximizes data center power efficiency with its energy-saving hardware components and integrated virtualization technology that consolidates virtual servers and enables load balancing within a rack. ECO CENTER features the latest energy-saving processor, chipset and highly efficient power supplies, minimizing conversion loss with outstanding conversion efficiency of 89 percent, compared to the 70 to 80 percent from standard PC and server power supplies.

NEC's platform management technology saves you even more. The NEC SigmaSystemCenter continuously and autonomously balances operational loads across virtualized servers. By offering extensive management functions, from monitoring of server health and workloads to optimal reallocation of server resources and migration of virtual servers, the NEC SigmaSystemCenter brings unparalleled availability and power-savings to data center environments.

photoExpress5800/ECO CENTER

Another approach is telecommuting, which minimizes the need for travel, helping to control CO2 emissions and improve air quality. This is where NEC's Unified Communications solution comes in, making it simple to create virtual work places, conferencing and everything needed to support telecommuters, all fully integrated using a Virtual PC Center (VPCC) over a highly efficient thin client network system.

Our equipment is designed and manufactured with the entire product life-cycle in mind and in compliance with the latest industry-recognized ecological standards. An NEC solution can enhance your organization's sustainability and ease your ability to comply with environmental regulations.

NEC was selected as one of the “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World” in 2011*.

* By the Corporate Knights of Canada in recognition of outstanding performance on environmental, social and governance issues.