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photoFT Server R320

Citizens look to government for guidance and protection, and they expect your services to continue functioning under all circumstances. Technology can help by streamlining communications, preventing interruptions to services and enabling agile response to emergencies. As you may have experienced, legacy communications quickly reach their limits under the stress of extreme weather, disaster situations and terrorist acts. Unified communications converges networks to assure that all staff can be reached via a single personal number. It can also reduce response time by directing personnel to a caller's exact location. In fact, almost every aspect of a unified communications solution can directly enhance your real-world emergency preparedness, safeguard your staff and citizens on your premises in a crisis, provide on-the-spot support for first responders, and ensure rapid recovery from the effects of disaster. A typical solution might provide IP-DECT, Wireless-LAN and SmartPhone integration.

One of your prime responsibilities is to protect data and to assure IT service continuity. NEC offers the Express5800 Fault-Tolerant Server as a solution that will achieve 99.999% reliability and ensure true mission-critical performance. For additional insurance, virtualization of servers and PCs supports remote data replication. Together with real-time backup or High Availability software EXPRESSCLUSTER, these also provide you with comprehensive disaster recovery capability. While disasters and unplanned downtime get the big headlines, planned downtime for hardware maintenance and backups is actually the cause of most service interruptions. Our business continuity solutions let you eliminate downtime, ensure data protection, deliver high availability and be better prepared for data recovery. You might like to know that for NEC “continuous availability" means on average less than 5 minutes of unplanned interruption per year. Our Virtual PC Center (VPCC) also enhances your data confidentiality and guards against malicious intrusion since information is stored securely at the server rather than locally on vulnerable workstations.


To protect staff and resources, many government entities are also taking measures to upgrade physical security. NEC offers biometrics and tele-surveillance solutions that have proven their efficacy in real-world applications around the globe. Biometrics ID technologies including AFIS fingerprint systems, and retinal and facial recognition let you easily and automatically restrict access to your secure areas. Intelligent video surveillance systems automatically detect suspicious behaviors that your busy security staff might otherwise miss, using behavior pattern analysis to automatically identify people or vehicles intruding into or loitering near sensitive areas, and alert you to unattended objects. RFID location tracking solutions use tags to prevent theft of your assets, while RFID-activated doors are a simple way to prevent unauthorized entry. Security has never been more available.