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Case 8 Global business continuity

Customer’s issue and requirement

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“We want to establish optimal global business continuity measures in business expansion.”
The business continuity plan and system duplication in globalizing business worldwide need to be studied, that are followed by managing the plans to work efficiently when disaster actually occurs.

NEC Solution

NEC identifies system recovery priority from business point of view by coordinating BCM service and DR service with support from introduction to operation.

Global BCM service

Provide series of service which implement PDCA cycle related to business continuity such as formulation of BCP(design manuals),implementation of training and its review. By utilizing templates, BCP can be shared and managed among global organizations, and colonization of BCM PDCA cycle can be promoted by exchanging opinions and sharing the progress status. Also acquisition of ISO22301 can be supported.

Global DR service

Propose, construct and operate the most optimal DR system to the business system which has high recovery priority. Gradual upgrading DR system is available depending on size of investment.

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Customer’s Benefits

  • Establish efficient BCM lifecycle management useful when disaster occurs.
  • Visualize the system related to significant business and establish the DR system which is keeping the balance of needs and costs.