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NEC Global Services® Overview

“NEC Global Services®” is the service which NEC is offering optimized IT environment globally for customers expanding business worldwide. We will support customer’s business from IT perspective.

Provided to the customers below

  • Japanese companies expanding business to overseas.
  • European and American companies expanding business in Japan, China or Asia
  • Company demanding for IT operation by global standard

Service Range

  • Procurement, Designing, Implementation and operation of the IT/NW platform
  • Security enhancement and IT governance enhancement

Advantage of Global IT Outsourcing

To keep up with the rapidly changing business environment, demands for speed and flexibility in IT infrastructure area are rising. There also remains problem such as maintenance and staffing of IT personnel, introduction and deployment speed of IT, IT governance from global IT perspective. The fastest way to resolve these problems is to outsource IT operation to the service vendor who has the global delivery ability.

  • Governance enhancement
  • Cost reduction
  • Process standardization
  • Flexibility
  • Continuous improvement
  • Business efficiency
  • Global support
  • Improvement on visualization
  • Individual skills independent Operation
  • Concentrate resources to the main strategic area

NEC Global Services Benefit

  • Shorten the implementation lead time
  • Optimal cost
  • Providing worldwide consistent quality of service
Deployment ability
  • Cooperation with NEC local subsidiaries and partner companies
  • Support from experts acquainted with regional circumstances
    Reference: Overseas Capability
Global standard
  • Management method based on global standards such as ITIL
  • Continuous service improvement

NEC Global Services Standard

In order to provide NEC Global Services® globally in optimal cost,  we standardized service menus/contents, service level/quality, cost structure, proposal/explanation method and delivery method.

  • All the services in NEC Global Services® are proposed, contracted and provided based on NEC Global Service Standard.
  • Objective of the standardization is not only service menus, service levels and cost structure but also the process to propose, contract and provide the service, IT infrastructure, standard report, personnel skills, education and trainings.
  • We are holding periodic meeting with related subsidiaries and decide the standardization contents. We emphasize the integrity with the local standard in standardization
  • We implement periodic education and training for all the personnel engaged in sales or service delivery of NEC Global Services.
  •  This service is conformed to the global standards such as ITIL®, COBIT, PMBOK, COBIT and so on.

We will offer standardized service globally.