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NEC provides comprehensive security management for protecting company’s assets from threats such as leakage of confidential data or unauthorized accesses.
NEC will provide comprehensive security management and prevent leakage of confidential information and unauthorized  access to the corporate assets. We also provide comprehensive support service including grasping of security needs in customers’ business, security solution and operation management.

Global Security: Desktop

NEC will provide centralized  security management for overseas sites’ desktop (Patch management, antivirus) on behalf of the customer. We will reduce the risk which results from lack of update in patch and virus definition files, and prevent loss of business opportunity caused by security incidents. This service can be providedin combination with global security implementation service.

Global Security: Desktop Image

Global Security: Network

NEC will strengthen and manage global sites network security by designing network and utilizing security equipment (FW/IDS/IPS). We will reduce the risk of unauthorized access via network and protect customer’s information assets. This service can be combined with global security implementation service.

Global Security Implementation Service

To protect companies’ information assets from the fear of unauthorized access and leakage risk of confidential data, we will support comprehensive security implementation. We will support security implementation starting from grasping of customer’s business security needs, defining a security policy, designing a security management cycle and to the selection of security solution. In order to keep Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of information assets in your overseas’ sites, we will establish a firm security management cycle conforming to the local sites’ environment.