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Service Menu

Here is the introduction of various menus of NEC Global Services®.

Operation Support Services

To support customer’s IT operation globally, NEC will provide operation support services such as helpdesk, onsite support and monitoring. By utilizing this operation support services, customers will be able to manage global IT operation efficiently and concentrate on much valuable core business.

Operation Support Services Image

  • Global Helpdesk
  • Global Onsite Support
  • Global System Monitoring

Operation Support Service


NEC will provide and manage the office desktop environment for client devices (PC, thin client, tablet, etc.) and phones. By managing issues on system resources and/or troubleshooting properly, NEC will continue to provide desktop environment which has high cost performance and support reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Desktop Image

  • Basic&Office Software
  • Global Client Management
  • Phone/VoIP



This service provides designing, constructing and operation management of optimal IP network environment. NEC will provide smooth IP network connectivity between headquarters and individual overseas offices as well as amongst and between the individual offices themselves as well as each local office’s LAN. Confronting the challenges of manpower shortages supporting network operations, this service enables cost-effective network operational control.

Network Image

  • Network Server
  • IP Network
  • Leased Line Procurement


This service provides safe and highly reliable housing/hosting service from worldwide data centers. It also provides construction and operation for  servers located in data centers or overseas offices. Depending on customers’  needs, NEC will provide BC/DR (Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery) services, such as planning support, designing, construction and operation of BC/DR.

Server/Hosting Image

  • Server Introduction/transition
  • Global Data Center
  • Global DR



NEC will provide comprehensive security management and prevent leakage of critical information and illegal access to the corporate assets. We will also provide comprehensive support service including grasping of security needs in customers’ business, security solution and its operation management.

Security Image

  • Global Security:Desktop
  • Global Security:Network
  • Global Security Implementation Service


Business Service

In addition to IT infrastructure area, NEC will provide service which supports individual business work such as “Human Resource Management”, “Human Resource Development” and “Business Continuity Management (BCM)”.

Business Service Image

  • Global BCM
  • Global Human Resource Management/Education Service

Business Service