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Business Service

In addition to IT infrastructure area, NEC will provide service which supports individual business work such as “Human Resource Management”, “Human Resource Development” and “Business Continuity Management (BCM)”.

Global BCM

Although we frequently face disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes and recognize the importance of business continuity strategy, lots of customers feel uneasy about the countermeasures they designed. These customers often have problem such as “not knowing where to start from”, “BCP that has made internally is not being established in their company”, “the contents of BCP are getting old with no update” and so on. For those customers who feel unreliable about their BCP, we will solve their problems by providing Global BCM service. To establish business continuity of customers expanding business globally into practice, global BCM service will support establishment and operation maintenance of business continuity management (BCM) over PDCA lifecycle by utilizing BCM tools.

Global BCM Image

Global Human Resource Management/Education Service

Global Human Resource Education Service

This service provides e-learning environment by SaaS (Software as a Service) which enables employee education with no limit of time and place by using PC and network. This large scale global service is capable to teach between a thousand and hundreds of thousands  individuals in multiple languages at the same time. We provide effective and efficient tool for corporate philosophy penetration and compliance education, security education, skills and knowhow instruction and sales personnel training.

Global Human Resource Management Service

Starting from employee profiles which manage the employees’ basic information, NEC will support to implement human resource strategy inside company by providing functions such as “Goal Execution”, “Performance Management”, “Successor management” and so on.
Visualization of human resource information on common platform by utilizing this service enables to assign right person to right post across border and business area quickly.