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Why is GIM necessary?

Almost all companies that develop their business globally are already carrying out business domestically using IT. Therefore, there is a tendency to consider the global operation of IT to be an extension of domestic IT operation, but issues that exist only in global IT operation are lying in wait.

Illustration of IT-related problems piling up

1.Global business reform

Some of the business issues of global companies are the reform of operation processes, increasing the speed of grasping performance and information through business, ensuring the transparency of business, and so forth. At the current point in time, when there is a high level of dependence on IT by operations, reforms to solve these issues for the global operation of IT as well are required.

2.Inadequate IT environments

Unlike advanced nations, there still exist inadequate IT environments in developing nations. There are many weaknesses in the social and IT infrastructure such as network lines, electricity, and water supply, so ensuring reliability and safety become even more important. Therefore, it is vital to ensure not just business continuity but IT service continuity as well.

3.Awareness reform for IT

Currently, as the business environment becomes harsher, IT is an easy target for cost reductions. As a result of IT costs being reduced, there are a number of cases of pirated software or fake hardware being used in overseas sites where the head office cannot see. And these cause leakage and theft of classified information, invite invasion from the outside, and cause harm to the carrying out of business. It is not possible to have appropriate IT operation without an appropriate IT investment.

4.Employment of global standards

There are many cases when project management methods that have worked well domestically do not work overseas. This is because each country has a different culture and customs, as well as human nature. Furthermore, since the retention rate of employees overseas is low, the project members are constantly changing. Therefore, the employment of methods and practices that work globally are also required in IT operation. If it is project management, then the method is PMP or PRINCE2; if it is IT service management, then it is ITIL®.