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The merits of GIM

The merits for global companies that have used GIM to establish a global IT management system are...

Illustration of fulfillment of IT services

The goal of GIM is "to communalize the goals and evaluate the performance of the organization as a whole through constructing a situation whereby the operations one should carry out with regard to IT management can be understood by anyone." Therefore, if GIM is applied, then the following merits for business as well, and not just IT, will be created.

  • Through knowing the whole (work), it will become easier to come up with plans of each sort.
  • Since the individual risks of operations will become clear, risks for the overall business can be shared.
  • By sharing risks within the company, the speed of decision-making at each level can be increased.
  • It will become possible to construct a system, including the assignment of contacts.
  • It will become possible to foster specialties in the organization.
  • The goals of each level, such as the management level and the site staff, will become clear and work efficiency will improve.
  • Since quantitative goals will be set, progress management and evaluation will be possible.