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Using diverse analysis to improve business practices and organizational structure.

NEC proposes a fundamental tailored solution after conducting a full security analysis of a customer's system to pinpoint any vulnerabilities or problem areas. By analyzing a customer's information security operating system and countermeasures, we can help compile a future security policy that offers optimum development and operational potential. We can also help improve business performance and shape a workable organizational structure.

NEC "Cyber Security Management Guidelines" assessment

The "Cyber Security Management Guidelines" were formulated in December 2015 by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), and the independent Information-technology Promotion Agency in Japan. These guidelines position cyber security as an important management task, and summarize the requirements necessary for promotion of measures under the leadership of management. NEC uses these guidelines to assess and clarify the problems of our customers, create policy, and provide appropriate solutions and services.

Consulting Services Menu

Penetration testing/analysis consulting

NEC can diagnose vulnerabilities in a customer's systems from platforms through to web applications. NEC uses this analysis to propose measures to boost a company's resilience against cyber attack.

Information security consulting

Having analyzed a customer's existing information security countermeasures, NEC can then help plan additional information security equipment that dovetails well with any previous IT investment. We can also help determine an overall security policy.


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