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ADS-BVehicle ADS-B(Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) Transmitter

Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Transmitter for airport ground vehicles

Airside Safety Enhancement

NEC Group's comprehensive and advanced technologies help to significantly reduce the number and severity of accidents or incidents involving aircraft and ground vehicles due to a loss of "Airport Traffic Situation Awareness" for pilots, airport operators and air traffic controllers in periods of low visibility.
Today, the Airport Ground Vehicle ADS-B Transmitter is being deployed to reduce the risk of serious incursions or conflict between aircraft and ground vehicles operating in the airport terminal area.

The Airport Ground Vehicle ADS-B Transmitter provides an effective solution that will improve the situational awareness for both air traffic control and airport operators.
In order to obtain the benefits of an ADS-B application at an airport, both airport ground vehicles and aircraft should be equipped with the capability to transmit ADS-B surveillance data.
This compact product provides for a high level of operational safety at any airport.

Image mounted on a vehicle

Advanced Features

The Airport Ground Vehicle ADS-B Transmitter is an ADS-B transmitter which broadcast a highly accurate GPS-based position.
This position information is received by various airport surface surveillance and monitoring system stations. Additionally, this equipment is capable of providing call-sign and Mode S address at high data rate which is sufficient for moving vehicles.

The surface surveillance imagery, including ADS-B and MLAT derived data, provides air traffic controllers and airport operators an unprecedented live view of all aircraft and ground vehicle movements. This allows the operator to identify and remedy traffic issues in the surface environment in real-time.

This product features lightweight and waterproof design allowing all-weather installation and operation on vehicle rooftops without any special installation requirements.
A standard power outlet in the vehicle is all that is required to power the equipment. This is due to a low power consumption design.

A Receiver/Display Unit with dedicated software is supplied as an option to further assist during reduced visibility (e.g. bad weather) and nighttime operations. Major functions of the Display Unit are Control and Monitoring of the equipment, graphical display of surveillance imagery including own vehicle, other vehicles and all aircraft equipped with an ADS-B transmitter in the airport area.


Technical Characteristics

Frequency 1090 +/-1MHz
Transmitter Power 20W
Type of Message


Data Rate Surface Position 2/0.2Hz
   Operational Status


Maintenance Interface RS232

Compliant Standards

Compliant Standards ICAO Annex10 volume 4


ADS-B Transmitter x 1
   Accessories x 1
   Receiver/Display Unit x 1 (Optional)
imageADS-B Transmitter

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimensions (WxDxH) 256(mm) x 256(mm) x 200(mm)
10.08(inch) x 10.08(inch) x 7.87(inch)
Weight 2kg / 4.4 lbs

Power Requirement

Power Requirement +10VDC ~ +30VDC 5W (typical)


Temperature Operating -30~+70℃
Storage -40~+71℃
Humidity IP55 Waterproof

Manufacturer       NETCOMESEC, Inc.

NETCOMESEC, Inc. is an associated of NEC groups.

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