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Portable DNA Analyzer

The world's first fully integrated portable DNA analyzer helps speed up criminal investigations and aid crime prevention efforts. Portable enough to be carried to crime scenes, it integrates all 4 steps of the DNA analysis process: DNA extraction, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), electrophoresis and STR analysis. The entire analysis process (Input => Output) requires less than 60 minutes.

The entire streamlined process from crime scene DNA analysis to database input and matching contributes to improved public safety around the world.

Analysis Process

On site DNA Analysis / Matching

Portable Unit (All functions in One unit)

Conventional PCR and electrophoresis equipment are the size of a small printer and a compact refrigerator, respectively. NEC achieves amazing compactness and performance through our advanced “lab-on-a-chip" technology. This technology, along with miniaturizing both the PCR and electrophoresis components, has resulted in drastically reduced dimensions.

Within 60-minute Analysis (input => output)

The smaller size facilitates coordination between each step and dramatically accelerates the PCR procedure of alternately heating and cooling DNA fragments. DNA analysis traditionally requires days to months to complete, which makes it difficult to create a quick shortlist of suspects following a crime. But NEC’s new portable DNA analyzer can quickly complete DNA analysis at the scene of the crime.

Easy Operation

A capsule contains a complete suite of reagents that eliminates the need to use pipettes. The newly developed special device allows laymen to inject extracted DNA in the well on the chip. After analysis, the chip can be safely disposed of. The waste area in the chip also liberates operators from tedious cleaning.

Lower Cost

The application of printing technology to chip production allows the achievement of lower consumable prices.

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