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NEC Storage HS Virtual Appliance

HS Virtual Appliance

A virtual data protection appliance that combines the flexibility of virtual machines with the rich functionality of the NEC Storage HS series.

NEC Storage HS Virtual Appliance (HS VA) is a new software-defined addition to the NEC Storage HS series lineup. HS VA can be deployed on virtual machines, greatly expanding the possibilities for data protection across multiple sites and in the cloud.


  • Easy and flexible deployment in virtual environment.
  • WAN-optimized Replication provides a DR solution for small sites.
  • Perfect capability for cloud service platforms.
  • Simple license structure bundling replication, encryption, and all other features.
  • Starts with 1TB capacity license and can be expanded by up to 15 additional 1TB capacity licenses.
  • Fully compatible with high-end NEC Storage HS product line.
* NEC Storage HS series is sold as HYDRASTOR® in the United States of America.


Reduce backup cost by compressing the storage data

Adopt NEC’s own data high compression technology

NEC’s own latest data high compression technology (DataRedux) compares the data blocks that are to be written to the data already in storage, any duplicated data is deleted automatically. The result is a dramatic improvement in capacity efficiency. With deduplication technology and physical compression, the data to be stored can be compressed at a ratio of 20:1 or more. Large amounts of backup data over multiple generations can be stored at a cost versus capacity even lower than that of traditional tape. The result is  reduced physical space requirements as well as reduced energy costs.

* Compression rate depends on data characteristics.

RepliGrid - Economical and secure disaster countermeasures can be taken
If it is required that backup data be stored at a remote location in the case of a disaster such as an earthquake or a fire, replication with a regular SAN storage requires a high-speed line, resulting in high cost. With “DataRedux” technology, NEC Storage HS transfers only the data not stored in the remote site. Thus, the amount of data transferred can be reduced and remote replication can be performed on a low-speed line with low connection fee. With this, data loss due to a disaster can be reduced to the minimum level economically. In addition, enhanced security is achieved by the replication packet encryption feature, which protects important user data from eavesdropping by third parties during replication and maintains confidentiality.

HSVA RepliGrid

Dedupted Transfer - Speed up writes with client side dedupe
Backup data is deduplicated and compressed on the backup server prior to transmission to the NEC Storage HS, and because the data already stored on the NEC Storage HS is excluded from the transmission, network bandwidth usage is significantly suppressed. Performance of actual backups is also improved as well, particularly in high-deduplication ratio environments with very large backup sizes.

Deduped Transfer leverages backup server resources for data deduplication pre-processing and sends only unique chunks of data from the media server, resulting in significantly higher throughput (up to 4-6 times higher performance than with Express I/O alone) for backup workloads.

OpenStorage - Deduped Transfer Option

WORM - Tamper-proof feature for data protection
The WORM (Write Once Read Many) feature is available to protect data from unauthorized tampering or erroneous operation. You can specify the protection period for each file. The resulting protected files cannot be updated, even by an administrator during the period set.

OpenStorage-Suite - Optimized Backup and Replication Workflow with Veritas NetBackup
NEC Storage HS OpenStorage Suite for Veritas NetBackup extends the functionality of Veritas NetBackup, leveraging NEC Storage HS capabilities via the Veritas OpenStorage API framework. NEC Storage HS OpenStorage - Suite consists of: Express I/O, Optimized Synthetics, Optimized Copy and Accelerator. Each component contributes to the usability, reliability, administration and performance of backup and replication, utilizing both NEC Storage HS and Veritas NetBackup features. Enterprises utilizing NEC Storage HS in conjunction with Veritas NetBackup will maximize storage capacity utilization, prevent I/O bottlenecks and optimize overall backup workload using NEC Storage HS OpenStorage - Suite.

NEC Storage HS OpenStorage - Suite consists of:


    • Express I/O - Lightweight Data Transport : NEC Storage HS OpenStorage Express I/O increases backup throughput by up to 20% or more and shrinks the backup window via a lightweight data transfer protocol. Express I/O maximizes the efficiency of data transfer and throughput using existing 1GbE and 10GbE network environments.
    • Optimized Synthetics - Storage-Synthesized Full Backup : NEC Storage HS OpenStorage Optimized Synthetics minimizes the backup window by offloading synthetic full backup processing to NEC Storage HS. With Optimized Synthetics, NEC Storage HS eliminates the need for recurring full backups and significantly improves the efficiency of the backup process by reducing backup server workload and network traffic.
    • Optimized Copy - WAN-optimized Copy Services : NEC Storage HS OpenStorage Optimized Copy simplifies data management between the master site and the disaster recovery site for faster and efficient disaster recovery implementation. Leveraging NEC Storage HS Replication Software WAN-optimized replication, Optimized Copy automates the copy process and updates the NetBackup catalog. With in-flight data encryption, data can be protected from unauthorized access during the transfer.
    • Openstorage - Accelerator: This function provides the equivalent feature to NetBackup Accelerator but specifically for NEC Storage HS. Resulting in the reduction of  full backup durations. While NetBackup Accelerator does so in a media server, the OpenStorage Accelerator function synthesizes a full backup to the NEC Storage HS to reduce the load on the media server and the network. A reduction in the duration of full backups in a VMWare virtual environment is also possible by combining with VADP backup.

OpenStorage-AIR - WAN-Optimized Auto Image Replication
NEC Storage HS OpenStorage Auto Image Replication (AIR) replicates critical backups from your master site to your disaster recovery site, with each in a different NetBackup domain maintained by an independent NetBackup catalog.  It automates disaster recovery by leveraging NEC Storgae HS's RepliGrid WAN-Optimized replication technology to send only unique, compressed chunks of data to the remote site. Using AIR, the backup server at the disaster recovery site automatically imports the replicated images and updates its catalog, enabling quick recovery even in cases where the primary site has been completely lost.

Improve efficiency in backup operation by incorporating the increment

Encryption - Secure Long-term Data Retention

NEC Storage HS Encryption protects data against unauthorized access to lost or stolen disks or nodes, by ensuring the data is encrypted prior to being written to disk. Along with DataRedux high performance global deduplication, NEC Storage HS delivers secure long-term data retention that can scale to meet future needs. When coupled with the Encryption, NEC Storage HS delivers high performance global deduplication, while ensuring the data is encrypted before being written to disk.


NEC Storage HS Encryption delivers:


  • Fast inline data encryption : Prevents unauthorized access to data on lost, stolen, or broken disks or nodes by encrypting data chunks with AES 256-bit with FIPS 140-2 validated libraries.
  • Secure encryption key management : Protects the encryption key from unauthorized access by encrypting the key in disk and allocating the decrypted key in system memory.
  • Support for long-term data retention : Retains the attributes and protection level at both primary and remote site with Replication Software WAN-optimized replication and WORM.
  • Easy deployment and management : Deploys encryption functionality into existing NEC Storage HS systems easily by license activation and simplifies administration with easy management and monitoring.

Encryption - Secure Long-term Data Retention