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Product Line

The following table provides a general description of the MasterScope JobCenter product line for informational purposes.

Please consult your regional NEC representative for product availability and ordering information.

Product name Overview Category
JobCenter MG Building a job execution environment
Centrally monitoring the job execution status
This product builds a job execution environment and monitors its status.
Can be viewed as a Windows GUI.
JobCenter SV Job execution
This product provides a job execution environment based on NQS.
JobCenter CL/Win Client GUI
This is a Windows viewer feature connected to JobCenter MG or JobCenter SV.
JobCenter CL/Web Web GUI
This is a web viewer connected to JobCenter MG
JobCenter Definition Helper Defining a job network, schedule, and business day calendar in Excel
This feature enables efficient definition using Excel features.
Job definition using Excel
JobCenter for ERP Option Submitting a job to SAP ERP and BI Linkage with ERP
JobCenter for WebOTX BS Option This feature enables WebOTX BS job control. Linkage with WebOTX BS
JobCenter Media Installation CD-ROM (including the manuals in the PDF format) Installation media

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