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The following table provides a general description of the MasterScope JobCenter licenses for informational purposes.

Please consult your regional NEC representative for product availability and ordering information.

Product name Description Required license
JobCenter MG
  • Purchase at least one MG license appropriate for your platform for the machine that contains job network definitions within its system.
  • One JobCenter MG license is needed for each node when using the manager in a cluster configuration. (For example, two JobCenter MG licenses are needed in a two-node manager cluster configuration)

  • View license for one node and media are included.

Per management server
JobCenter SV
  • One server license appropriate for the OS of the machine on which the job is running is required for each server.

  • One JobCenter SV license is needed for each node in a server cluster configuration. (For example, three JobCenter SV licenses are needed in a three-node server cluster configuration.)

Per managed server
JobCenter CL/Win
  • One viewer license is needed for each terminal used.
  • A set of five JobCenter CL/Win licenses is the minimum purchase unit.
  • One JobCenter CL/Win license is included in the MG. Purchase this license only when more licenses are needed.

Per client
JobCenter CL/Web
  • One viewer license is needed for connecting to JobCenter MG.
Per management server
JobCenter Definition Helper
  • One license is needed for each machine where Excel is used to create or edit batch definitions. (That is, the number of licenses is equal to the number of Excel applications.)
  • One license covers five nodes.
Per machine
JobCenter for ERP Option
  • One license is needed for each machine in which SAP jobs are defined (the same number of MG licenses).
  • For example, two ERO option licenses are required in a two-node cluster.
  • SAP ERP is the successor product of SAP R/3. The functionality of SAP ERP is the same as that of R/3.
Per management server
JobCenter for WebOTX BS Option
  • One license is needed for each machine which manages WebOTX BS job definitions.
Per management server
JobCenter Media This media contains the JobCenter installation module. At least one license Per system

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