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NEC Express5800/R320e

The Express5800/R320e is a dual-socket fault tolerant server developed with Intel’s latest Xeon processors. The R320e provides exceptional high availability, affordability, and operational simplicity through its fully redundant modular hardware design featuring high-performance processors. These fault tolerant servers are ideal for customers who require to eliminate planned and unplanned downtime for the most important applications.

Highest Levels of Availability

NEC Fault Tolerant (FT) servers provide an innovative solution to address planned and unplanned downtime for your most important applications. The Express5800/R320e servers deliver continuous availability for 99.999% system uptime (5 minutes of downtime per year) through its fully redundant modular hardware featuring 12-Core Intel® Xeon® processors that support lockstep operation.

Perfect For Virtualization

The NEC FT servers can deliver continuous availability for VMware and Hyper-V by using internal storage and standard management software. Advantages of virtualization with the NEC FT server include proven scalable vCPU performance, integrated high availability storage for CapEX savings, and simplified virtualization deployment for CapEX and OpEx savings.

Simplified Manageability

The Dual Modular Redundant (DMR) design allows easy replacement of major subsystems without shutting down the system, by supporting hot plug of modules. The Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) is easily replaceable without any special skills. Also, integrated EXPRESSSCOPE Engine 3 technology provides extensive remote management capabilities regardless of the status of the server’s power or operating system.

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