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e-Pathologist Pathology Decision Support System

NEC's Pathology Decision Support System, e-Pathologist, is a family of "machine intelligence" software to detect tissue and cell features and make quantitative measurements of key structures in digitized images of tissue slides to assist pathologists in making decisions that may contribute to the clinical management of cancer. The tissue sections are stained conventionally with Hematoxylin & Eosin (HE) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) reagents, the special staining procedure, are also used. With the advent of fast scanners that generate digital images of tissue slides, the workflow of the pathology laboratory can be enhanced in a cost effective manner by leveraging the advantages of digital images for both quantitative and semi-quantitative analyses. As the number of cases and resulting tissue samples requiring evaluation by pathologists increases, and the number of diagnostic tests deployed for grading and other tests for cancer grows, the use of digital pathology technologies, like the e-Pathologist system, become an important component of improved patient care. e-Pathologist consists of analysis software that is optimized for each organ, such as stomach, large intestine or the mammary gland, and a staining type, HE or IHC.

System Overview

System Overview


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