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NEC Low Distortion Noise Suppressor & Canceller

Making your VoIP communication and Voice Recognition work better

Innovations in network infrastructures and mobile devices significantly improved how we access information and communicate everyday.
This, in turn, creates higher demands for UI designs on manufacturers, who must now provide better "voice quality" and "voice recognition" under adverse conditions.
NEC provides a suite of robust "Noise Suppression and Cancellation" technologies supporting various noise signals encountered in various product segments, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, automobiles, digital cameras, voice recorders, etc.

Usage Scenario

Supports both hands free communication & voice control in "Automobiles"

By combining several processing modules, we can suppress / cancel multiple noises which interfere with in-car hands free communication and voice recognition. Target noise includes "Road noise", "A/C blower noise", "Side-flasher noise", "Engine noise", and sometimes, even "Music".

Super clear voice using "Smartphones" outdoors in windy conditions

Using a smartphone outdoors sometimes results in distorted communication under noisy environments. The noise may come from busy streets, very windy weather conditions, or simply tapping a smart device while you are talking. We offer solutions for such usage scenarios.



Press Release 'NEC Develops Wind Noise Suppression Technology that Ensures High Quality Phone Signals and Audio Recordings Even in Strong Wind'

Supports video recording on "Digital Cameras" with optical zoom enabled

Current models of digital cameras are all equipped with video capturing capability. If not properly treated, unwanted zoom and autofocusing noises are also recorded. We offer a mechanical noise suppressor module to solve this problem without sacrificing important optical zooming/autofocusing capabilities during video recording.

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