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Smart energy solution through grid energy storage systems [2:57]

Movie script

Smart energy is one of the fastest game changers in our lives.
Renewable electricity generation has increased strongly worldwide.

Mr. Scognamiglio:
Ten years ago this landscape was totally different. Wind or PV power plants were a gold dust.

Large amounts of energy from renewable sources have been integrated onto the power system but the intermittency causes challenges.

Mr. Scognamiglio:
We are in the Region of Calabria and this is the Chiaravalle primay substation. Here, one of world's biggest utilities, Enel, has installed our 2MVA/2MWh Energy Storage System. And we are testing the possibility of a new energy distribution services.

How're you? How is the project going?

Mr. Fujita:
Very good, our testing is going very well... It is the control system of the energy storage system and provides a lot of functions to stabilize the grid. For example: frequency regulation, voltage regulation, and also the black start.

Mr. Govigli:
Chiaravalle is one of the many projects in the field of smart energy that NEC is implementing around the world. I'm sure that energy storage is a crucial technology to develop an efficient energy market in Europe and drive down the cost of energy.

Mr. Scognamiglio:
This technology enables the flexibility required by the grid.

The NEC Energy Storage System will be used to control energy exchange profiles between the HV/MV substations and the National Grid to make them more predictable and manageable.

The ESS reduces the variability of the power flows in the parts of the network with high penetration of Renewable Energy Sources.

Mr. Govigli:
The problem for DSO and TSO is to keep the network balanced and safe at anytime. Even under the stressful conditions which are created by high level renewables which are injected into the network at anytime.
Italy in this field is a forerunner because very high amount of renewable energy which has been installed in the past years.

Innovation of green technologies is crucial to develop a cost-effective energy market allowing the actual usage of 100% of the power generated from renewable energy sources.

Innovation is the only way... Innovation is our smart side.


Photo: Smart energy solution through grid energy storage systems

This energy storage system was installed in the Chiaravalle substation and connected to the ENEL power grid in southern Italy where the renewable energy sources are widely in use such as wind power and solar power that are easily affected by the weather. Verification testing is being carried out for balancing supply and demand during peak usage times, adjusting frequencies to stabilize electricity and voltage, controlling the electrical grid, and adjusting the quality of the power.This system controls the amount of power between the power grids that cover the entire part of Italy.NEC contributes to realize a society driven by renewable energy stored and utilized smartly, by providing energy storage system and state-of-the-art ICT technologies.

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(February 27, 2015)