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Future information society with NEC C&C Cloud

Video story presented during President Endo's speech at C&C User Forum & iEXPO 2012 [ 06:57 ]

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(Street in London)
Auto Guidance:Hello, Mr. Yamada.
Auto Guidance:What is your destination?
Mr. Yamada :Route airport.
Auto Guidance:The optimum route to the airport will be displayed.
Auto Guidance:Step on the brake.

Can you imagine what our world could be like in the near future?
Through its computer and communication technologies, NEC supports society's information infrastructure in various fields, ranging from outer space to the bottom of the ocean.

Through NEC's accumulated expertise and "C&C Cloud", which utilizes world leading sensor and authentication technologies,
various data on the earth are gathered and analyzed in real time.
"Visualizing" the present and "predicting" the future to assist the optimum action to be taken.

New information infrastructure will be built that changes data into useful information.

A few years from now, NEC C&C Cloud will open the door to a more convenient, safe, and secure society. Just like this....

(School in London)
Teacher:Let's begin the lesson. John, tell me about your country.
Boy:Africa is seeing more and more greenery.
10 or 20 years from now, it will expand even more.
Girl:Let me show you my life log. This is a butterfly I found.
Butterflies that used to be endangered are increasing again.

(Factory in Bangkok)
Factory manager:Good work.
Factory manager:Well, hello there.
City Operation Center:This is the Operation Center.
Factory manager:It switched to the energy storage system.
City Operation Center:It will remain stable.
Factory manager:Thank you for your help.
Factory manager:Hi there. Thank you for calling.
Clerk:Is the scarf ready?
Factory manager:Yes, it sure is.
Clerk:I'll order it.
Factory manager:A typhoon is coming, so I'll change the route and deliver it on time.
Clerk:Thank goodness. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you.
Factory manager:Thank you very much.

(Shop in Tokyo)
Grandmother:Hello. Do you have anything that looks good on me?
Clerk:A beautiful scarf just arrived. This way, please.
Clerk:What do you think?
Grandmother:My, that's beautiful. Let me coordinate it with this. I see. Will it go with my other outfits?
Clerk:What about this one?
Grandmother:Yes, it fits well. I'll take this.
Clerk:Thank you very much. Please look this way.
Clerk:Thank you very much.
Grandmother:Oh, Sara. Hello there. Are you being a good girl?

(Airport in London)
Girl:Grandma, we arrived at the airport. Bye bye!

This future can be realized by connecting individuals, companies, and society with information infrastructure.
NEC C&C Cloud will make this possible.
NEC will support various fields with C&C Cloud, and create an affluent society.


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