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Face Recognition Technology Digest [2:23]

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Biometric Identification

NEC is a global leader in biometric identification technologies, supplying more than 700 systems in over 70 countries.
NEC Face Recognition Technology World's best in search speed and accuracy
NEC is ranked No.1 in the face recognition vendor test conducted by a U.S. governmental agency.
The technology is being used across the world.

Universal Studios Japan Admission System
By using Face Recognition Technology for visitor admissions, Annual Studio Pass holders enjoy VIP-like admission to the park.

Concert Admission Identity Verification
Through the use of highly accurate identity verification, illegal ticket reselling is prevented and smooth admission is realized.

What do attendees think of the face recognition system?:
"I was surprised at how quick and easy it was. It's ridiculous to buy resold tickets at a high price. With this, everyone can enjoy themselves at a fair price. I think it's great."

Face Recognition System for PCs.
For companies and municipalities that handle personal information...this system works to prevent unauthorized access to information

Mr. Manabu Tsuji
General Affairs Section,
Information Technology Application,
City Office of Koshu:

"The system keeps face images. For example, if an unauthorized person tries to login, the image of the face will be stored in the system. I think that is one of the biggest advantages of this system."

Integrated Urban Safety Solution
Surveillance video at key facilities is the input for real-time face recognition.
Facial recognition is done in real time at the main facility with surveillance video.

Ms. Maria Eugenia Ferrari
Secretary of Citizen Protection, Tigre:

"We have deployed NEC's Face Recognition Technology to prevent crime. The operation of cameras on public roads ...allows us to have information long before any emergency call.
That allows us to collaborate with the justice at arresting individuals with any lawful impediment and recovering individuals and their subsequent return to their homes."

Immigration Control System
John F. Kennedy International Airport. This is one of the airports we serve in over 50 countries and regions.

NEC Recognition Technology, supporting a safe, secure and comfortable life.

Orchestrating a brighter world


NEC is a global leader in biometric identification technologies,supplying more than 700 systems in over 70 countries and realizes a safe, secure and comfortale society. This digest video introduces NEC's Face Recognition case studies, such as Universal Studios Japan Admission System, Concert Admission Identity Verification, etc.

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(December 9, 2016)