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Linking MAKE, CARRY, and SELL to offer new values across the entire value chain

At a time of increasingly diversified consumer needs and rapidly changing market environments, NEC drives Value Chain Innovation that revolutionizes the entire value chain of MAKE, CARRY, and SELL to provide a better life for everyone.

Realizing Value Chain Innovation that connects people, things,
and processes through ICT driven by IoT and AI

Innovation of the entire value chain through linkage
of manufacturing, logistics, retail, and services

The environment encompassing the manufacturing, logistics, retail and service industries is undergoing significant changes as production operations become more globalized, the working population declines, and consumer needs diversify. Responding to these changes requires innovations in the fields of enterprise and industry; namely, transformation of the production process, improvements in logistics services, and prompt provision of products that meet customer needs. In addition, there is a need to generate new values across the entire value chain of MAKE (manufacturing), CARRY (logistics), and SELL (retail and services). Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and other advanced information and communications technologies (ICT) will play a big role in bringing about the necessary innovation and reconstruction of the value chain. A vital element in linking people, things, and processes across the entire value chain will be “efficient connections” via ICT and “safe connections” that minimize security risks arising from the use of IoT.

■ Innovation of MAKE through production process visualization and preventative maintenance

The manufacturing industry is currently engaged in remarkable efforts to streamline production processes and build smart factories. Ahead of the field, NEC offers a Manufacturing Visualization Solution that uses the AI technology Object Fingerprint to identify individual products and provide manufacturers with real-time information on their production lines using data supplied by IoT. This solution allows manufacturers to visualize, in an integrated way, the operating states of their global production sites, product quality, the movement of people and things, and other vitally important data that they can use to improve productivity. NEC is also contributing to innovations in production processes and stable operations of manufacturing systems through the realization of Process Innovation (for networked plants) and Product Innovation (for networked products) linked via IoT and networks and through the preventative maintenance of production equipment and facilities using world-class AI technologies.

■ Innovation of CARRY through logistics visualization and streamlined transportation

Globalization of production has also led to the globalization of logistics. In particular, for transport that involves long lead time and long distance, incorrect monitoring of shipping status results in overproduction and overstocking. NEC helps customers improve the quality of their logistics services end-to-end by using IoT to visualize shipping status and location of goods along land and sea routes, and streamlining onsite logistics operations by providing shipment inspection equipment that utilizes image recognition technologies.
NEC also provides highly efficient last-mile support that uses AI-leveraged demand and shipment forecasts to deploy people and vehicles optimized for each delivery.

■ Innovation of SELL through non-stop store operations and precision demand forecasts

The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation in response to the personalization of needs and the shift to omni-channel commerce. NEC offers solutions that connect all components of the store—POS systems, servers, fixtures, and equipment—to the network by using IoT. Monitoring the status of store system operations and detecting anomalies before failures occur enables non-stop and stable store operations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. NEC’s unique AI technologies for accurately forecasting demand based on Big Data collected on climate, temperature, and events also enable optimization of systems for ordering merchandize and reduce losses from having to discard food.

Realizing an efficient, safe, and secure value chain by linking MAKE, CARRY, and SELL

NEC constructs systems for Japan’s leading companies in the manufacturing, logistics, retail, and service industries.
Leveraging its deep industry knowhow and cutting-edge AI, IoT, cloud, networking, and security technologies—as well as the system integration capabilities needed to implement these technologies in actual systems—NEC is able to help customers realize true Value Chain Innovation. By efficiently connecting people, things, and processes along the MAKE, CARRY, and SELL value chains, NEC brings new customer value in the form of streamlined processes, sustainable transformation that is responsive to change, and growth that exceeds all previous models.
At NEC, we work together with our customers to create new value through ground-breaking new product development and IoT-driven Service-Oriented Hardware. At the same time, these partnerships are producing Value Chain Innovation in the form of more visible global logistics infrastructure, optimized merchandise ordering, non-stop store operations, and other values that are key to the future of these industries.

Value Chain Innovation