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Indirect emissions

Improved product energy efficiency

The arrival of an advanced information society has brought with it an increase in servers, storage, smart phones and other ICT devices.

Diffusion of renewable energies through energy storage systems

Along with the explosive spread of renewable energies such as solar power generation, energy storage systems linked to electricity grids or solar power generation are expected to increase, contributing to power-saving and curbing power generation during peak daytime hours by storing night power.

Contributions to reduced CO₂ emissions via provision of IT solutions

We can make a great difference with our IT solutions - for example, optimization of document preparation and work based on document preparation software, or reduction in travel time and expenses through use of video conferencing systems.

Initiatives to cut CO₂ emissions along our entire supply chain

To date, NEC has worked hard to reduce the CO₂ emissions that accompany our production activities (Scope 1 & Scope 2), as well as the CO₂ emissions of the products we provide.

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