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CO₂ Emissions across the Supply Chain


FY 2017/3 marks the fifth year since the Scope 3 Standards were released for the first time in FY 2013/3.
Compared with the previous fiscal year, CO₂ emissions decreased by 1,880 kilotons.
The main factors behind the decrease are a dropin shipped hardware products (1,360 kilotons)for Category 11 (Use of Sold Products), and a reversion from the revised method of calculation for Category that went into effect last fiscal year back to the former method (430 kiloton decrease).
Scope 3 statistics are based on the Scope 3 Standards issued by the GHG Protocol Initiative in October 2011. These statistics have been independently reviewed by JQA and found to be transparent and reliable.

CO₂ emissions for the entire supply chain of the NEC Group in FY 2017/3

10,000 t

Scope 1 5
Scope 2 30
Scope 3 741
Category 1 Purchased goods and services 104
Category 2 Capital goods 28
Category 3 Fuel and energy related activities not included in Scope 1 and 2 13
Category 4 Transportation and distribution (upstream) 8
Category 5 Waste generated in operations 1
Category 6 Business travel 4
Category 7 Employee commuting 2
Category 8 Leased assets (upstream) 0
Category 9 Transportation and distribution (downstream) 0
Category 10 Processing of sold products 5
Category 11 Use of sold products 568
Category 12 End-of-life treatment of sold products 1
Category 13 Leased assets (downstream) 0
Category 14 Franchises 0
Category 15 Other 7

t: Trace (trace amounts of CO₂ were found)

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