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NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters

NEC is sponsoring the “NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters”, the International Tennis Federation‘s (ITF) year-end singles championship, where 20 of the world’s top ranked wheelchair tennis players compete in order to promote the sports for people with disabilities, social participation of people with disabilities and social awareness.

The Wheelchair Tennis Masters was originally established in 1994 and has been sponsored by NEC since its inception.

Alongside the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters, each day of the tournament will also feature opportunities for schools and community groups to take part in a variety of tennis activities and to meet some of the players taking part in the tournament, as well watching them in action.

A cake commemorating The 20th NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters presented by The International Tennis FederationA cake commemorating The 20th NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters presented by The International Tennis Federation

NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters 2015

NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters 2014

NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters 2013

The NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters was held in Mission Viejo, California, USA, from November 5 through 11, 2013. In the men’s singles, Japanese athlete Shingo Kunieda won the world title for the second time, overcoming the serves of his adversary, which exceeded 170 km an hour. In the women’s singles, 19-year-old Yui Kamiji won the world title for the first time.
This was the first time since the inception of the event in 1994 that Japanese earned victories in both the men’s and women’s classes. And an interesting fact is that the women’s title had been exclusively won by Dutch athletes since 1994.

Shingo Kunieda in actionShingo Kunieda in action

Yui Kamiji takes a shotYui Kamiji takes a shot

You can enjoy watching the exciting games at the following YouTube link.

YouTube - masters wheel chair tennis -

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