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NEC Bridge Festival

920 teams from all over the world have participated since 1996.

Welcome to the World of Bridge!

NEC Bridge Festival

NEC has been sponsoring the NEC Bridge Festival held by the Japan Contract Bridge League, Inc., since 1996 with the goal of popularizing bridge and improving the skill of bridge players.

Bridge has long enjoyed popularity in Europe and America as a game of polite social interaction and refinement, and has been taught to children worldwide to improve developmental abilities such as memory, concentration, information analysis and logical thinking.
Bridge is also certified as an official "mind sport" by the International Olympic Committee.

Contract bridge is positioned as the greatest card game amongst all mind sports, and this tournament is one of Japan’s largest contract bridge events. During the festival, the world’s top players and representatives of Japan battle it out for the World Team Trophy, known as the NEC Cup. This event therefore provides an important opportunity for Japanese players to improve their skills and form international friendships.

There is also a "trial bridge class” held at the festival that is open to children, allowing us to teach children the joy of bridge while improving their minds.

Comments from the Organizers

  • The NEC Cup is held every year as a major international competition, and allows Japanese players to play exciting games with talented players who come to Japan from all over the world. Everyone is also welcome to participate in the “trial bridge class” even if they have never played bridge before.
    If you are interested in playing bridge, which is currently experiencing a boom worldwide among players of all ages, come and visit and enjoy training your mind!

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